4 Summer Night In Kiev

Summer Night In Kiev

For someone this summer has passed like a single day, others enjoyed it in full. Anyway it’s a pity the summer has gone.

The photos of Kiev, Ukraine, shown below were taken on a hot night and at the sunset. They gonna remind of warm days that will repeat only in a year.

National Bank.

Slavutich Hotel.

Many newly wedded couples like photographing here.

Rus Hotel is nearby.

Celebrating the Day of Independence.

Roman Catholic church.

Southern railway station.

How do you like the sunset?

Andreevskaya church.


A mosque.

Fairmont Hotel.

Monument to the founders of the city.

Business center.



Troitsk Square.


Ramada Encore Hotel.


Maydan Square.


101 Tower.

The buses took Madonna and her dancers to Kiev.

Madonna’s concert.


The very center of the city.

Residential complex.

Looking forward to a new summer…

Location: Kiev

via elektraua

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4 responses to “Summer Night In Kiev”

  1. Nobody says:

    Why are there nice pictures of Ukraine? Wasn’t Ukraine a part of the Soviet Union? I think this is a propaganda job.

  2. IamBanana says:

    @Nobody – Ukrainians and Russians share the same cultural circle+ Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union, I can’t understand why on on this site there can’t be pictures of Ukraine, Ukrainians should make English Ukraine site?

  3. Mike says:

    Very nice nighttime photos. Must have been photoshopped or something to come out so perfect–but that’s OK if that is the real thing

  4. joe says:

    Great photography.

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