4 Summer Night In Kiev

Summer Night In Kiev

A mosque.

Fairmont Hotel.

Monument to the founders of the city.

Business center.



Troitsk Square.


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4 Responses to “Summer Night In Kiev”

  1. Nobody says:

    Why are there nice pictures of Ukraine? Wasn’t Ukraine a part of the Soviet Union? I think this is a propaganda job.

  2. IamBanana says:

    @Nobody – Ukrainians and Russians share the same cultural circle+ Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union, I can’t understand why on on this site there can’t be pictures of Ukraine, Ukrainians should make English Ukraine site?

  3. Mike says:

    Very nice nighttime photos. Must have been photoshopped or something to come out so perfect–but that’s OK if that is the real thing

  4. joe says:

    Great photography.

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