18 Mansion of a Russian Banker Back In the XIX Century

Mansion of a Russian Banker Back In the XIX Century

Posted on September 5, 2012 by team

Baron Alexander von Stieglitz (1814–1884) was a Russian philanthropist and banker. He was the first governor of the State Bank of the Russian Empire, the predecessor organization to today’s Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

We are going to see here how successful financiers of the nineteenth century used to live in Russia.

Dining room

Another dining room

Living room

White living room

Blue living room

Golden living room

Concert hall

Study of the baroness


How does it feel to live like in a museum?

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18 Responses to “Mansion of a Russian Banker Back In the XIX Century”

  1. Justus says:

    Most of the people were slaves and some peoples live like this. There was really a need for revolution.

    • Peterus says:

      And after revolution were slaves everybody.

    • D says:

      well… that and the complete mismanagement of WW1 as well as many other absurd abuses of power.

    • Fred Johnson says:

      Yep. Revolution takes the money out of the hands of the PRIVATE citizen, and puts it in the hands of those in the highest government positions.
      Then it brings ALL the citizens down to the lowest common denominator. In other words, it makes everybody else, all equally poor, living in squallor.
      It also takes away the ability of that very rich citizen, to help lift other citizens around them to better living situations, because they’re all equally poor and broken now.
      Yep, revolution, wonderful thing. For destroying countries and people. Great if you’re government, and at the top. Really sucks for everybody else.
      Haven’t you seen that by now? My God, how blind you must be if you can see that. Just look around.

      • NT says:

        Being poor and being slave is different. I hope you realize which one is lesser evil.

        • America says:

          Commies don’t get the difference between being poor and being a slave to bourgeois capitalists pigs.

          Funny how they don’t equate communism with being state slavery though… lol

          • vorontsevich says:

            Ssh everyone. The world’s leading authority on communism is here.

            • America says:

              I don’t need to be a leading authority on Communism to known that it has failed everywhere that it’s been tried. China is the only country to even begin to survive under it and that’s due to decidedly un-communist economic reforms and liberalizations. And don’t even get me started about labor abuses. Labor abuses that are not tolerated in “capitalist pig” western societies that have shunned communism. I though communsim was about lifting everyone up equally out of that kind of sh_t life? not relegating them to virtual slavery, long hours, little benefits, dangerous conditions, low wages. Yeah Communist China is a real utopia for the masses.

              • vorontsevich says:

                Funny isn’t it, how you switch from communism in general, to China (which has decidedly un-communist —– your words, not mine)! If you want anyone to take you seriously, stick to one line, and dont change tack mid-comment. :D

          • Big Bubba says:

            “Commies don’t get the difference between being poor and being a slave”. Really bro?

            About centuries of authentic Slavery followed by hard ass Segregation, some brainless Americans still don’t get that difference either.

  2. yagur says:

    Niggers were the slaves…White guys lived lived well…

  3. regulator says:

    These rich folks were never known for their subtlety, so this also looks like some sort of brothel with its baroque styling and its massive amounts of red upholstery, intensive colours and gold.
    So it’s not only the nouveau riches in Russia, which are showing a disturbing lack of taste and aesthetical sense.

  4. America says:

    I wonder what happened to it all? The mansion, the furniture, the art…

  5. America says:

    This should be interesting. I’ll bet it won’t be long before the judeophobes all start blaming Russia’s problems on the Jews, you know, like they always do. lol

  6. MAC says:

    It is ironic Communist leaders lived JUST like this… 50-60 million soviet people perished under Communism…

  7. Hans says:

    “…I wonder what happened to it all?…”

    Very rich people always have a lot of ways out. Probably they went to London or Paris to buy villas or the best mansions available.

    Just like corrupt magnates from all the world do today when exiled.

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