5 Going Deeper to the Secret Bunker

Going Deeper to the Secret Bunker

Posted on September 5, 2012 by team

Somewhere in Ukraine. The dark thick walls and service corridors securely keep the secrets from curious eyes of those go by local trains. They do not even suspect that something interesting can be so close. But some guys spent several days and nights to find a way to get into the railway haul, look through numerous archives in attempt to understand what is guarded there. If you want to know what it is, then go and see, only with your own eyes you can see the truth.

They were doing at night, illegally, being constantly afraid to be caught, they went deeper and deeper down the strange construction.

There were a lot of bunkers of the Communist Party of Ukraine. This is just one of them.

Control room


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5 Responses to “Going Deeper to the Secret Bunker”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    “One Nation Underground.” (Pearls Before Swine)

  2. Takolander says:

    I bet there’s some mutant experiment going on down there…or maybe it’s just zombie research ;)

  3. MAC says:

    The Soviet leadership was paranoid about the West launching an attack. So they squandered all of their money & human slaves building these underground bunkers.

    A bunker is not impenetrable nor is it fool proof. Everyone eventually comes home……

    • America says:

      Wht’s your point? We were too, just look at places like the Greenbrier Hotel. It would still be an operational bunker today if it’s cover hadn’t been blown. Do you think the U.S. Congress, the President and his staff, the Vice President and his staff, our Military leaders etc. don’t still have their own operation bunkers to retreat to in case of attack? You can bet on it.

      Oh wait, that’s right you’re just trolling the Russians here for sport! Never mind… ;)

    • Thomas says:

      “So they squandered all of their money & human slaves building these underground bunkers.”

      Yes. How many bunkers the guys in Washingon and military have in the US? Like one whole mountain full? Or, to be more generous, in any other country?

      Every known governement has made sure that they are the ones who survive the war. Even when they have started them and thus should be killed first.

      So: Are you trolling or just a simpleton?

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