7 Making an Urban Planning Model

Making an Urban Planning Model

Posted on September 4, 2012 by team

Being in various museums we can spend a lot of time staring at urban-planning models. All these miniature houses, trees, churches, plants etc. bring us back to childhood, when we had miniature toy copies of real things.

Here is how such models are made.

The work has started

Making a foundation on the beech board with help of a milling machine.

Making the relief: each layer is 0,5 mm

The places for buildings and streets have been cut out.

Preparing LED for illumination of the miniature buildings.

Placing the buildings.

They are made of plexiglass

The city is growing right before our eyes!

Night is coming.


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7 Responses to “Making an Urban Planning Model”

  1. America says:

    High rise residential urban planning looks great on paper and in models. Then they build it and what you end up with is a high rise slum district that immediately begins to decay. Give people a free place to live and they take it for granted and treat it like sh_t. Russia, the U.S., the UK it’s all the same. People are people.

    • JZ says:

      I live in one of those “slum” so I know exactly what it is. The other week someone smashed protection glass and stole the lightbulb in the elevator… it was only replaced after 5 days.
      These complexes turn into slums for a few reasons the main of which is most of people living there aren’t concerned about anything beyond their apartment door, but they basically steal, trash, destroy their own property. The tenants level of culture is another reason, there are city districts with nicely preserved apartment buildings but other are plain slums.
      I think the problem with these buildings is the conflict of people with different education, upbringing, life views and standarts living under the same roof.

    • Ilovevodka says:

      So so true.

    • Jeebs says:

      Yup New York, Chicago I remember those things friggin ugly as sin

  2. Liam of London says:

    America – this is what I thought until I lived in Russia. In the UK there was a fashion in the 60s and 70s to construct high-rise social housing – reducing the land footprint reduced costs.

    They were constructed to replace old housing stock that had passed its useful life (outside toilet, no bathroom). In the UK the majority of housing stock is low rise – people want to live there instead.

    Problems happen when there is a sudden influx of people (to any area, not just high-rise) with complex social problems – who treat their environment “like sh_t”. The good people leave – breeding a vicious circle of decay.

    There is nothing wrong with the building – just how it was used by local councils . UK council houses being roughly equivalent to US “section 8″ housing.

    Since Margaret Thatcher sold off social housing stock in the 80s there is an even greater shortage. Only those in great need – who often have complex social problems – get what council houses remain.

    In Russia there is no choice – public or private, if you want to live in the city you will have high-rise. Only those who live in the village will have small houses.

    • Jeebs says:

      That’s right I forgot all about the UK ya in 60’s and 70’s I think these things were all over. France has them as well these things are friggin ugly man

  3. shovel head says:

    you can make this in 3D CAD with something called “SLA”. I do agree with the above posters. Some very good points made.

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