9 Hello Kitty Axe

Hello Kitty Axe

Usually an axe is a tool for men. However, it is so sexist! Why can’t women and even young girls have their own sort of an axe? “Hello Kitty” axes, for example?

That’s told to do! Here’s our “Hello Kitty” axe and some short DIY instructions.

Let us take a regular axe first. Soon it will be looking totally different.


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9 Responses to “Hello Kitty Axe”

  1. Benzin says:

    Hail NATO )))))))

  2. Emperor Norton says:

    hmm, I think this might be explained by those long, northern winter nights.

  3. Muzzlehatch says:

    In the US, that would be called a hatchet. An axe is larger and requires two hands to use.

  4. No Mame says:

    In weird Japan, this axe would be a huge hit.

  5. joe says:

    hhmm… looks legit.

  6. viktor says:

    Did you notice his keyboard?!?

  7. some guy says:

    Why not My Little Pony ax?

  8. OldBikr says:

    Hello Kitty axe for preparing my little pony MEAT!
    Horse meat kascha anyone?

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