14 This Is All Russia

This Is All Russia

Posted on September 3, 2012 by team

All these shots were taken for the project "Best photographs of Russia - 2012". We don't know who was selecting the best from all and if they are really the best. But they seem to look bright.

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Silence. Baikal lake in winter

A statue and a cloud


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  1. Dr. Kevorkian says:

    Beautiful pics, but I know some guys can’t stand it.

    One will say that these aren’t “color photos” or unrelated crap like that.

  2. I humbly differ. If the fact was so much of the reality, then it wouldn’t have been possible to run the system for 70 years; to win WW2; to be number-1 World power and still holds the rank; to explore the Space; to show the entire World the PATH of LIGHT from centuries of extreme DARKNESS, paving the basis of formation of today’s modern welfare states ! We are the fortunate one now to see ourselves as the free citizens of the World only because of the “GREATEST OF ALL REVOLUTIONS”, otherwise, YOU all were supposed to face the Holocaust like the JEWS. Then the reality of fact won…Churchill,Roosevelt realized the might of Communism and got compelled to sit with Stalin at Yalta and the outcome is known to the World. But the Westerners never gave up their ill motives to destroy the SU and left no stones upturned.It was at the end 70′s,the mouse at last managed to dig a Hole in the Afghan front for the 1st time in 70 years,which the Big Cat FAILED to estimate the consequences and compelled to get engaged and entrapped in an unending self destruction.The MOUSE thus won the GAME by taking the revenge of 70′s defeat in SE-Asia and in South Asia in this way.
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  3. marcin says:

    Beautifull… Russia is a huge country..

  4. Daniel says:

    Really nice pictures of a vast nation with a great history and culture. Thank you.

  5. WWtS says:

    “Yura, thank you for our space!”
    More accurately: Yuri, thank you! Space [is] ours!

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