17 People Of Tomorrow

People Of Tomorrow

Have you ever thought that robots might appear in social networks? Seems it has started to happen. The author of these photographs became acquanted with a girl whose name is Alice who turned out to be ... a real robot!

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The Neurobotix company is busy with creating a robot that would closely remind of a human. They also investigate how to prolong a person's life with the help of cybernetic technologies. It means that the brain of a person who has just died will be put in the body of a robot.


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17 Responses to “People Of Tomorrow”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    People of tomorrow will still be slaves to Nature. (actually, with a dead person’s brain Alice is the prototypical American voter)

  2. JimBeam says:

    When they finish perfecting face, they need to make “workable” and perfect some other details, somehow lower in body and then definitely they will see the rivers of money they are looking for! But they have too innocent faces for such projects.

  3. America says:

    “It took them long to find a perfect material.”

    Why? Special effects artists and the sex toy industry have already figured it out for them. I guess they forgot to ask.

  4. Y5K says:

    Transplanting human brain into a robot would be an entirely different matter from transplant of other organs or developing artificial intelligence, because of the robot’s identity. What/Who is the robot, former brain owner or another one? Controversial but very interesting issue, I love to read about this kind of science. Anyway it won’t be long before Robocob is realized.

  5. Mitch says:

    Russian Robot:
    “Hi I’m Alice, how may I be unhelpful to you today?”
    “To help you with your laundry, please fill out form 134b and 456c.”
    “You have 20 seconds to comply or bribe me”
    “I’m leaving, my new master will buy me a Mercedes and a new face mask.”
    “My batteries are running low, please feed me Jaguar.”

    Do Androids Dream of Electric Dacha?

  6. Terminatrix PMS says:

    …Where is John Connor…?

  7. Tovarich Volk says:

    Pic #11 “The robot will be able to speak on her own very soon”.) The 22Khz bitrate used in the photo is too low and will make the robot’s ‘voice’ sound about the same as the announcements used on public transportation. –They should use CD quality or better yet pro-audio quality to get the voice to sound as realistic as the rest of the work done.

  8. SSSR says:

    Soon Alice will be the secretary at the front desk answering the phone and talking to the customers and typing on the computer-well maybe the computer will be in her body in sync with the blutooth or wifi,and the corporation will save thousands a year!

  9. SSSR says:

    And NASA invented Cyberskin….!

  10. Liptonius says:

    A Japanese robotics expert is quoted as saying: “We will need robot labor to take care of the hard work our aging population can no longer do. It is a better option than inviting into our country, foreign labor.”

    Racism, supported by robot slaves. Ummmmm.

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