23 Moscow And Its Citizens In 1984-88

Moscow And Its Citizens In 1984-88

Posted on September 3, 2012 by team

These photographs were taken by different foreign tourists who travelled to Moscow in 1984-88. This is how thay saw the Russian capital and its people.

Those tourists were John Carter McKnight, Steve’s Wildlife, Andrew J Green,  Ernst Bergmans, Philippe Moroux.

Movie theatre

“Moscow Truth”

Sports goods

“Glory to labor!”


Soldiers of the motherhood


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23 Responses to “Moscow And Its Citizens In 1984-88”

  1. MAC says:

    Communism was a failed experiment in which the ‘state’ controls all aspects of life. Basically a Police State where one can be imprisoned for a comment.

    Today the USA is teetering on Socialism where it will collapse as well. It does not work, a free society where people can achieve greater aspirations/develop/build/engineer for themselves not the ‘State’…

    The USSR squandered the entire economy leading to collapse, they needed Western CASH to be injected so they could continue. Hence the fall of the Berlin Wall— Soviet Leaders allowed this to happen due to the fact they needed CASH.

    • vorontsevich says:

      So where is all of that, CASH?!! Hmm?!!

    • JZ says:

      Exactly, communism was just an experiment. An experement originated not from the people but from the big figures of the underworld government. An experiment, that turned back on it’s originators and thus needed to be destroyed to make room for a new plan…

    • Chac Mool says:

      “…Today the USA is teetering on Socialism where it will collapse…”.

      No, your current troubles began to be noticed in 2007-8.

      You have stagnation because your gov had a terrible lack of regulation of your financial system, and it keeps spending more than it collects. A recipe for disaster.

      That’s thanks to 8 years of irresponsible executive leadership. You don’t have to be a Commie to bankrupt your country.

    • Jack, the Roofer says:

      “…they needed Western CASH to be injected so they could continue….”

      Thanks to President Cheney and his tool, the US needs CHINESE CASH to survive. It can’t cover it expenses (meaning, it’s broke).

      Scary? The funny thing is that you only noticed this today, and not 5-6 years ago.

    • Eric says:

      “Today the USA is teetering on Socialism where it will collapse as well. It does not work, a free society where people can achieve greater aspirations/develop/build/engineer for themselves not the ‘State’…”

      Tea Party baloney. The US isn’t any more “socialist” today than it was in the 1950s. If anything, it’s moved further to the right. But to people like YOU, sensible centrism means “commnism”.

      The US is facing the problems that it has because of two things: 1) unregulated banking that spun out of control and destroyed the US economy, and 2) the USA’s very expensive global military empire, exacerbated by the Bush administration’s $2-trillion frivolous wars. As Chac Mool pointed out, you don’t need to be communist to bankrupt your country.

      • nomoleftists says:

        Tea Party baloney my eye. There was no government paid for healthcare in the 50s. There was not near the government interference in our lives with quasi-legislative entities like the EPA, etc in the 1950s. You are the typical intellectually lazy leftist Eric. Your attempts at whitewashing the socialization of the U.S. are weak and feeble.

  2. spiderplant says:

    The USA has a meth crystal problem it cannot solve, the same way it cannot solve it’s cocaine addiction. Neither can it control it’s foreign policy as Mitt Romney went to the Middle East to pick up his AIPAC cheque. Who needs “state control” when drugs and a domestic 5th column is owning your Continent. USA = immature Continent

    • America says:

      Yes that’s right, i forgot. Despite state authoratarian rule the one bright spot in the Soviet Union was the complete lack of alcoholism, illicit drug use, theft, rape, murder, etc. It was like Utopia in that regard. Crime just didn’t happen in the Soviet Union. That is the curse of the West! lol

    • bobbob2011 says:

      HUH? Sure the US has it’s issues with drugs as do most other nations in the world. Saying this is like saying Russia has a problem with alcoholism which it cannot solve = immature country? Romney getting checks from AIPAC??? He isn’t in control of anything yet here in the US and it looks like he probably will not become president. Funny that you did not consider Putin as reaping the benefits of his dictatorship. Check ya self before ya wreck yourself!

    • olorin_ says:

      For your information, USA is a country in North America. Mexico, USA, Colombia and the rest of the countries in the Americas have a lot of problems, but so does Russia with its corruption and vodka (and all that crap on the Kola peninsula).

  3. abc says:

    USA and european countries are soon going to be communist with some traits of fascism and feudalism thrown in it

  4. sandeep_halder says:

    communism failed simply because of lack of democracy had democracy been allowed soviet union would have been still intact… what usa needs today is better democracy with a wholesome pinch of socialism… where one will have an equal opportunity to be rich and to aspire for better livelihood.

  5. Maddcowe says:

    You guys have all the answers!

  6. Chuck says:

    The american dream; 4 billions debt more each days, millions of americans people living in misery, make war with other countries to steal their resources. What a wonderful capitalist, greedy and selfish world!

  7. olorin_ says:

    The USSR never recovered properly after the Chernobyl disaster, and that was the beginning of the end for the union, and their economy. They could for example no longer maintain their armed forces …
    This will eventually happen to the USA, with its huge international debt, simply because countries like China won’t have any interest in protecting it from complete collapse forever. I can’t see where the socialism are in USA, as corporatism is the rule. But I can see how greed and corruption plagues the country. We’re actually not ready to work for the greater good yet, and I suspect that we won’t be for generations, and that’s probably why the implementation of marxism/socialism never works.

  8. DouglasU says:

    There are a lot of ignorants in the USA who feel that communism will be very exciting and fun. Their leader is an Indonesian man from Kenya and Hawaii who occupies a big white house in the capitol. Sorry but they’re all headed to the grave yard and soon. Have a nice day.

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