6 Main Orthodox Temple of Georgia

Main Orthodox Temple of Georgia

Posted on September 3, 2012 by team

“Sameba” is the main temple of the Georgian Orthodoxy. It is located in the Armenian block where historically mostly Armenians live.

It was built not so long ago on the territory of an Armenian cemetery. Not all the locals wanted the temple to raise there because the builders didn’t bother much about reburials.

But today almost nothing reminds about that conflict. People like the new temple. Unfortunately the photographs do not reveal its real scale.

There are many people who often come to the temple.

Two similar looking flags: one of Georgia, another one of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

The belfry stands separately from the temple

View of Tbilisi from the side of the temple

View from under the dome

As you may notice on the flag of the Church – the cross looks a bit broken-down. The Georgians portray the cross exactly this way. According to the legend the cross was originally made from a vine, so the branch was not straight.

As opposed to many Russian churches here one feels rather comfortably and cosily.

The temple built in the name of faith right on the bones. Looks beautiful, though.

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

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6 Responses to “Main Orthodox Temple of Georgia”

  1. sauron says:

    It’s a beautiful church. I wonder how much it cost to build.

  2. zax says:

    The saint with the beard and crown looks similarly to Prince Lazar of Serbia, who defended Christianity and died in the Battle of Kosovo in 1389.

    It is interesting to notice that Sameba in Tbilisi is the tallest, Saint Sava Temple in Belgrade, Serbia is the largest by volume, and Christ the Savior Temple in Moscow, Russia is largest by area Orthodox Christian church in the world.

    • Tiger says:

      I do not understand why they put the national flag in the church. National symbols do not belong in a church as the church has been there before nationalism.

  3. USSR says:

    Magnificant and very beautiful church.. It would be even more attractive if the ceiling and some portions of the walls had biblical frescas. Just a suggestion for georgian architects.

  4. BHC says:

    There is no god. Tear it down and build a school of science.

    • Tiger says:

      Why not commit suicide and live this life of insignificance? Since there is not a god and suicide is cannot be a sin it is the best thing you could do.

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