3 New Water Transport on the Sea of Japan

New Water Transport on the Sea of Japan

Posted on September 2, 2012 by team

New water transport means have appeared in Vladivostok recently. Now they are testing them.

The boats were made of composite materials what makes them cost-effective and suitable for use in adverse weather conditions. Specialists applied new technologies while the construction, the first catamaran was being made for twevle-thirteen months.

Boat inside


It even has a bar



Mooring trials

“St. Petersburg. Vladivostok”

In fact they hadn’t built anything for a long time, this boat is quite a surprise. Will they keep making them? That’s the question.

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3 responses to “New Water Transport on the Sea of Japan”

  1. todd says:

    Great photos makes me want to hop on that ferry.

  2. dcc says:

    That boat isn’t a surprise at all. They’re being readied for the APEC 2012 meeting in Vladivostok.

  3. rtqwd$ says:

    2 boats are chartered out from Singapore for couple of million $$$ but as usual …. ER shows this as “achievement” may be achievemnet in chartering though

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