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Back to School

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So, September the First is the back to school day in Russia. All kids grab their bags and head for the event for their local schools. Some schools are pretty creative on how do they greet the elementary schoolers.

So sometimes its time for a preaching.

And everyone feels to be touched.

All up to their perfect souls.
Then later a more funny part begins:

All the small kids need is a dancing pantyhose girl, according to this school management. At least they had some preaching just before.

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38 Responses to “Back to School”

  1. CZenda says:

    Is Orthodox religion a mandatory subject in Russia? If I were a parent of different confession, say, Protestant or Jewish, or agnostic etc., I would not accept this sort of indoctrination.

    • VivaViva Palestina says:

      Don’t be a goof. Of course no one is going to force you to take Christianity class if you are a Jew. People have a choice to take that class or class of secular life.

    • Jack the Roofer says:

      I hope you accept Darwin at schools. That would be an advance.

      • Taurus says:

        Of course we heard about Darwin in Eastern Europe, but we know that our grandparents weren’t monkeys! :D

        • Asmodeus says:

          In the US Mid-West, they think TODAY that Darwin was communist-liberal-demon. For them, some Dinosaurs fitted well in Noah’s Ark. And teach that c*ap at schools.

  2. spiderplant says:

    the kid at 02:17 …. “Where is that DJ?”

  3. Scootah says:

    What’s the name of that song? Sounds so familiar.

  4. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Amazing…only in Russia. LOL

  5. Jordan says:

    Is this a religious school or a public school? Either way I’m not quite sure what to make of it…

  6. (r)evolutionist says:

    Preaching AND “a dancing pantyhose girl?” We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

  7. Liptonius says:

    Dancing PIRATE pantyhose girl!!

  8. JimBeam says:

    Up to now we knew about school students jumping half naked into public fountains, good to know that there is other side too.

  9. Jack the Roofer says:

    At least those students are happy in fountains and not shooting the others with assault rifles because they are bored.

    • America says:

      Worst school children massacre in the history of the world, Beslan Russia. Just sayin’…

      • vorontsevich says:

        And what did that have to do with the children themselves? Its not like they just cracked, or took video games too far and went of a killing spree, like so often happens in the US. Just saying.

        • America says:

          Boredom? Just cracked? Took video games too far? You obviously don’t understand why Columbine happened, or any other school shooting for that matter. Just sayin’…

          • vorontsevich says:

            I wasn’t talking about Columbine. Why would/should I give a shyte about Americans dying?

            And you obviously don’t why Beslan happened, or even WHAT happened for that matter. To sum it up, it’s called a terrorist attack. Heard of them?

      • Jack, the Roofer says:

        Beslan? It was a terrorist event, like yor WTC. I guess more died there.

        In Colorado, shootings at schools are made by armed kids suffering of too much boredom…

        Just sayin’…

        • America says:

          Columbine was a terroist event too. The terrorists just happened to be students as well. Just sayin’… lol

          And boredom? Really? that’s the best answer you can come up with when multiple people conspire to meticulously plan for and carry out mass murder?

          • Dr. Kevorkian says:

            “…terrorists just happened to be students as well…”. Like every year…

            That’s the problem, but for you, having students shot it’s something OK and fine.


          • Jack, the Roofer says:

            “…Columbine was a terroist event too…”

            You have students shooting other students very frequently. No conspiracy, just suburban mayhem.

            Probably it’s a good way of enetertaining.

            • America says:

              Yeah sure, Columbine wasn’t a planned act of terrorism. And you mock others for being in denial. Quite amusing!

              • Jack the Roofer says:

                Bored kids can plan tons of things.
                There’s something terribly wrong with your youth, and if you want to call your teens Terrorists (without any real goal), there’s no problem with me.

                The problem with your deranged kids and society is yours, “terrorist” or not.

                • Jack the Roofer says:

                  And by the way, I wrote “Colorado” not Columbine (LOL!!). Didn’t you hear about the Aurora Theater shootings?? The crazy Batman-Joker guy? That’s not amusing at all, but YOU are!

                  I suppose we can get confused with another Colorado town in which bored kids also massacred some school for no reason. Something very common there. Lots of Terrorists!

                  • America says:

                    Nice try at revisionist spin, but you specifically refer to “school shootings” in Colorado and Columbine in your other posts. So how do i know what you are talking about when you just say “Colorado”?

                    But then i’m not a mind reader either, like you are (seeing as you know all these shootings happen because of “bored kids playing video games” and nothing else, So who knows what you speak of?

                    One thing is certain. You have no clue why these shootings really take place in the U.S.

                    They’re are as many reasons in fact, if your not to foolish to pay attention and learn the causes, instead on blindly lumping them all together and dismissing them as “bored kids” and blaming it all on boredom and video games as you so ignorantly do.

                    • vorontsevich says:

                      If, as you say, “he has no clue why these shootings really take place in the U.S”, and apparently you do, then why not just say it out loud, and end this huh? Personally I would’nt mind hearing “why these shooting really take place too”. Lol.

                    • Jack the Roofer says:

                      Of course, I brought up back “Colorado”, because Columbine is not the only mass shooting there done by your terrorist youth (your words).

                      As said before, you can argue all you want about the label to name them (your only concern, LOL!). It’s not my problem. It’s only your society.

                      It seems that your labeling won’t stop your (terrorist) youth to shoot other students/people for a while. That looks OK with you… Please answer back to reconfirm it -again.

  10. René says:

    Awesome Russian back to school day!

  11. Hans says:

    After reading these comments, I can only say that thank God that these kids are happy with this dancer, or celebrate graduations in public fountains, without fear of getting shot by their school mates (be ‘terrorists’ or only crazed monsters).

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