5 Video Selection, Part XXIII

Video Selection, Part XXIII

Many cities keep suffering because of bad weather, streets and roads are
flooded, cars sooner resemble boats, public transport cannot function...

18 Getting Ready For the Winter Season

Getting Ready For the Winter Season

Harvest is now being gathered  and it is a hot time for plants making canned food. For some of you this might seem not
very appetizing but we'll take the risk to show you how cucumbers and tomatoes are canned at one factory of Russia.

10 Wild And Unearthly Land

Wild And Unearthly Land

A visit to Kamchatka will make you look differently at things that seem usual. Once you come here you understand this place does not remind of any others,
even in Russia. Craters and volcanoes, smell of sulphur in the air, flowers almost on the snow: here is what makes this land to be special.

48 WW2 Russian Tanks Still In Use In Europe

WW2 Russian Tanks Still In Use In Europe

The T-34 was a Soviet medium tank produced from 1940 to 1958. Although its armour and armament were surpassed by later tanks of the era, it has been often credited as the most effective, efficient and influential design of World War II. 70 years have gone since WWII was over. But
Soviet tanks are still respected and still serve in other 26 countries! In Russia it can mostly be seen as a monument today (as on the photo above), but somewhere in Europe, in the Balcan countries, many of them still operate just as seen on the photos below.
0 A Day At the Races 70 Years Ago!

A Day At the Races 70 Years Ago!

Horse races are not popular in modern Russia. But it used to be a bit different. People from various regions of the country came to a racetrack to participate and show what they
could. Not only races were in the program but also various competitions connected with horses. Let's go back to the past days and spend one day at the old races in Moscow.
12 Cruisers of the Russian Fleet

Cruisers of the Russian Fleet

Here we offer you to see the main cruisers which are included in the Russian
fleet. Besides we posted some of the foreign ones just for comparison.

6 To the Highest Top of Saint-Petersburg!

To the Highest Top of Saint-Petersburg!

It seemed to be impossible to get to this TV tower in St. Petersburg without a pull. But there are always guys who are ready to prove there's nothing impossible. It's rather dangerous to go higher than 656 feet where used to be an observation deck - the antennas radiation can cause irreversible effects for
health. So it remains to catch the moment when the antennas are off - when preventive measures are taken. It means a lot of technicians being there though... Thus it cannot be easy anyway. Now we are going to climb the height of 1000 feet, there is nothing higher in St. Petersburg...
3 It Was Another Kind of Game

It Was Another Kind of Game

Uvais Akhtaev was one of the most prominent basketball players of the 1950s, a member of the
Soviet national team.  He was the tallest player ever - his height was 7.74 feet!

18 Successful Merchants of Old Time

Successful Merchants of Old Time

The Eliseev brothers were rich Russian merchants who owned some shops, many warehouses and vodka and
confectionery factories in the beginning of the last century. Let us look at the magnificent old buildings.
2 Video Selection, Part XXII

Video Selection, Part XXII

The man whom Mike Tyson sees in his worst nightmares, the old tradition of starting a school
year in Chechnya and a guy who wanted to show you his best bike trick but failed...

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