15 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle SBRM

Cavalry Fighting Vehicle SBRM

Recently they demostrated a cavalry fighting vehicle SBRM designed at the order of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and intended for completing recon elements. The vehicle is
based on the serial STS "Tiger". Currently it is being tested, since 2013 they plan to start full-scale production. Its equipment and functions are impressive indeed.

26 Chupacabra Hunting Season

Chupacabra Hunting Season

A strange animal was shot in Ukraine. Local vets and zoologists can't attribute it to any species of animate beings. But local dwellers are sure that the creature is the very legendary bloodsucker Chupacabra. It is dark brown,
with rare harsh wool, a long tail and a long neck. Its weight is about 11 lb, length - 1,8 feet. The animal was shot in the Mikhailovsky district of the Zaporozhe when it was trying to sneak into a hen house.

4 An American In Siberia

An American In Siberia

1959. Bratsk, Siberia. These people are going to see a foreigner for the first time in their lives. Children from a summer camp, builders, teachers... They are standing on the dock, so excited and happy, as if
they are meeting a long-awaited close relative... The guest is William Averell Harriman, an American Democratic party politician, businessman, and diplomat. That's what we call a warm welcome.

11 Four-Leggers Against Crime

Four-Leggers Against Crime

Police dog service is a place where people work with smart animals. It was constructed in 1990 by enthusiastic employees of the Ministry of
Internal Affairs of Russia who tried to make lives of the dogs as comfortable as possible. There they get everything they need.
4 Yes, This Very Show Once Again

Yes, This Very Show Once Again

We have already seen plenty of photos from the 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Forces celebration. Now some more of them. Cool jet tracing across the skies in color and then we'll see the
landed stuff and some SAM missiles and... and something more, common lets see. This was a real BIG show! That's why do not even promise we aren't going to go back to it soon again...

1 The Bridge Is Best At Night

The Bridge Is Best At Night

We've had this bridge recently. It was crowded by people at its opening and now we can post more. Then it took not much time to people figure out the
beauty of the bridge at night transforms the city usual landscape in a much more cool one. This exact bridge now at full glorious night color.
23 Who Is There On the Road?

Who Is There On the Road?

Russian forests hide a lot. Bears on roads? Yeah, it happens sometimes, but who can be surprised with a grizzly? But Russian forests are vast and they have bigger
surprises. A tiger, for example. Yeah, it can easily come out in daytime right on a road and it doesn't care about all these cars and people around.
14 Types of Men From Social Networks

Types of Men From Social Networks

So different men join social nets searching for love or friends or simple communication. They share their photos trying to show themselves from the side they consider to be the
best. Many of such photos have much in common. Thus, men in social nets can be classified according to the photos they willingly show. What type do you belong to?

5 First Russian Space Exhibition Ever

First Russian Space Exhibition Ever

There used to be an interesting exhibition hall in Moscow, it was called "Cosmos" and was devoted to the Soviet achievements in space development. Boys of those days were often taken
there by parents. Leaving they were sure they wanted to become cosmonauts one day. These very photos were taken in the "Cosmos" exhibition hall in approximately 1969.
16 Blocks of Sand and Aluminium

Blocks of Sand and Aluminium

This is aerated concrete, have you seen such material? It is quite popular in Russia. Several times cheaper than brick. This material seems to be a modern one but in fact it started to be produced back in the USSR, in the 1930s. Aerated concrete is modern energy-saving material used in individual
construction. The main thing about it is that anyone can build a house using foamed concrete without any help. The photos below were taken at Ytong factory in Mozhaisk city that started functioning in 2008. This is the largest factory producing aerated concrete in Russia.

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