45 Fossils That Witnessed Creation of the World

Fossils That Witnessed Creation of the World

We aren't going to bother you with plenty of scientific information. It's the interest of geochronology specialists. We'll just say that the river of Taimyr - Kotuikan has shredded Anabarskoye plateau and exposed the geological strata that had formed three and a half billion years ago. The former bottom
of the Archean sea turned into sedimentary rock and having destroyed under the impact of water and wind it reveals fossilized lamellar stomatolithic formations. Their shapes are rather weird: some resemble a football, others - a tortoise shell... Nature is still the best artist...
0 Russian Noblemen During WWI

Russian Noblemen During WWI

A part of photo album that used to belong to the chief of the military medical train and a representative of a Russian noblemen from the city of Chernigov Nikolai
Bordonos was accidentally found in a semi-destructed house. The train took part in the battle against the Imperial German Navy's High Seas Fleet during WWI.

11 Be Zombie Or Stay Home

Be Zombie Or Stay Home

Saint Petersburg became the city of zombie last weekend. Children and faint-hearted elederly people would better have stayed home! They say the most exciting part worth visiting and taking those photos were the lady-zombies.
According to their makeup the zombies could be divided into several categories: 1) Aaaaahhhh! Zombie! 2) Nice, but could be better! 3) Help me, my makeup has smeared! 4) I am not with them, just going by...
10 A Car and a Half of a Car

A Car and a Half of a Car

It's nice to have a car, but we always tend to have some more. And when you can't afford to have one more nice car,
maybe you can have a half more? One car and a half is not so cool than two, but definitely better than one!
2 Having Fun Around, Part 1

Having Fun Around, Part 1

Recently in Samara one could notice people flying over the Volga river - one of the widest rivers of Europe - with some strange equipment. The equipment turned out to be called "flyboard" and was brought from France for 15 thousand dollars. Approximately the same sum was required to make it work in full
force. The guys who had a chance to use it say that the most important thing is not to fall on a Sea Doo following behind. One can fly 14 m high with the thing (height of a 5 storey builidng). It's not too speedy but gives a chance fly over the Volga without touching the water.
2 The Largest Hydro Plant In Russia

The Largest Hydro Plant In Russia

Zeysk hydroelectric power plant is the largest HPP in Russia and the second most powerful HPP in the Far East. Its role in the Far Eastern
energetic system is very significant. The HPP regulates the frequency of an energetic system as well as daily and weekly irregularities of load.
0 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part II

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part II

Tough Russian drivers on the roads, a lesson how to wash a truck properly, devil cat that does not get along with a
broom, ways how to leave other cars behind in a traffic jam - today in the compilation of daily awesomeness!
24 Science And Technology In 1959

Science And Technology In 1959

The Soviet era was full of scientific achivements that became foundation for further Russian science and technology for many years ahead. Some of the experiments might seem to be almost shocking
today. The most notable faces from the Soviet world of science and technology of 1959, research institutes, interesting scientific objects and experiments are inside the post.
3 From Netherlands With Laugh

From Netherlands With Laugh

Fame of Russian glory deeds got so strong that even random Dutch persons decided to compile all the videos they could find and made this roll up of
twenty plus random craziness which has reached the snowy Holland from the sunny Russia. Those are a few minutes of pure delight and glory.
10 Escape From Civilization

Escape From Civilization

Right now we are going to see some photos of the Altai region, its south-west area, to be more precise. That's exactly the area so hard-to-get-to. We'll start from Ust-Kamenogorsk not far
from the border with Russia. Pure land of mountains and lakes, wild vegetation and impassable roads. Small hills surround fields with blooming buckwheat and sunflowers.

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