1 Deep Roots Of Siberia

Deep Roots Of Siberia

Today we'll go to a remote city in Siberia, Yugorsk, to meet its ancient
people who had lived there much before the Russians came to the place.
6 In the Clouds of Locusts

In the Clouds of Locusts

The other day
in Kalmykia...
14 Video Selection, Part XI

Video Selection, Part XI

Absurd and weird
side of Russia...
2 Speed, Courage And Wit

Speed, Courage And Wit

Master class from Belorussian rescuers arranged for
invited bloggers. This work is not for weaklings.
9 So Different Moscow

So Different Moscow

Photos of Nikita Orlov taken in Moscow 2011-2012. The author wanted to show how different the city can be. Poor and rich,
old and modern, ugly and beautiful. Sometimes you fall in love with it, sometimes you just want to escape...
2 Dirty Dirty Football

Dirty Dirty Football

Official football match on a rainy
day in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
15 Two Little Known Military Museums of Moscow

Two Little Known Military Museums of Moscow

Few know that on Poklonnaya Gora of Moscow there are
two nice museums. Let's see what they exhibit.
8 Harry Potter Fans Party?

Harry Potter Fans Party?

This party looks rather weird... These women are not so
young to believe in fairy tales, maybe they are witches?
18 Profitable Faith

Profitable Faith

Sale of candles, icons and other churchware is a nice business... Just look how they celebrated birthday of a small candle factory director. The celebration was held in four places: they started from a church, then moved to a cafe, later sailed on the ship to proceed at a summer house...
Many Russian stars were invited to congratulate the director. By the way production of such kind of stuff as candles is said to be tax-free in Russia so that all profits can go to the religious organizations, leaving this area unobserved by state regulations...
7 How Heineken Beer Is Made

How Heineken Beer Is Made

Over 40 thousand sorts of beer existing in the world are made of 4 ingredients which are always the same such as malted barley, hop, water and yeast
but still have different tastes. How should all the components be mixed to get nice and good beer? It is a secret and we'll be told it today.

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