1 Descendants of the Ancients

Descendants of the Ancients

Wakhan valley is a mountainous part of the Pamir and one of the most interesting places in Tajikistan. It contains monuments related
to different epochs and cultures. Such a pity that usually tourists hurry up to see other sights and don't stay here for long.

1 If You Litter, Litter In a Creative Way

If You Litter, Litter In a Creative Way

Such garbage people appeared in Kiev under the Moscow bridge. Nobody knows who's made them. Someone just came and picked trash right there, on the bank of the
Dnieper river: empty plastic bottles, beer cans etc. It became the material for the sculptures creation. Parts of the bodies were fixed with food wrap film.
13 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part IV

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part IV

Today in the video selection: army loading fail, a lesson of hunting a very dangerous South Russian
tarantula, ways to be the first on the best site for a picnic, diffuculties of learning to drive...

1 Hand Crafted Toy Joys

Hand Crafted Toy Joys

This factory in Bogorodskoye village was quite large, people liked its toys, exported them. But everything has changed. Many employees do not go to work and cut out the toys at
home. Anyway the production is still alive as well as Bogorodsk toys. They are made from linden that is dried for about 4 years! This wood is soft and easy to work with.
1 One of the Deepest Russian Tunnels

One of the Deepest Russian Tunnels

This car tunnel in the city of Ufa could had to be really huge. It was constructed in four lines under a high arch.  Its construction began
in 1992. The works were stopped in 2004 and nobody can say if they get back to work again. Only one worker is now in the tunnel.
3 Unexpected Yamaha Client

Unexpected Yamaha Client

This strange accident was caused by the bus - its brakes failed to work. The police initially thought the driver was drunk but then noticed the man was gesticulating trying to show them he could not stop
the bus. The policemen moved up their own car to prevent the accident but it didn't help. The driver survived but he was being pulled from the wrecked bus for more than an hour...
2 Have a Nice Journey!

Have a Nice Journey!

Such a cool plane was noticed in the airport of Yekaterinburg. It is fully made of cigarette packs of the promoted brand. Its size is rather big. But each pack screams out "Smoking kills!" so the meaning of
the installation remains to be ambiguous. The authors wanted to make something beautiful but what they made is 1000 reminders about death which makes people worry even more before a flight.

6 Chilling on the Top

Chilling on the Top

Mount Elbrus is a dormant volcano located in the western Caucasus mountain range,  Russia, near the border of Georgia. Mount Elbrus is a dormant volcano located in the western Caucasus mountain range, Russia, near the border of Georgia. It is the highest point of Russia and Europe. It has two peaks that are 5621 and 5642 meters (18440 and
18510 feet) high. It can be climbed via a ropeway. Let us have a look at the place described. Before, people had to struggle risking their lifes climbing this high. Later a cableway was created allowing the lazy people get to the peak of the mountain just in a matter of some minutes holding their beer in a hand.
6 Wild Nature of Russia 2012

Wild Nature of Russia 2012

"National Geographic Russia" magazine and the Russian geographic community have held a photo contest "Wild Nature of Russia 2012". The photos must be taken all over Russia and feature
landscapes, wild animals in natural habitat, underwater shots etc. Only Russians can participate in the contest. Below are some photos from the contest held last year.
2 Some Sweets For a Bear

Some Sweets For a Bear

They feed bears right on the road. Bears don't come alone, lots of them get used to get some tasty human food. There is a belief that if a bear once tries one of those he would return back
for more again and again... and if one day they don't find the treats an unlucky human can experience true bear food addiction rage. Though till then it looks like fun...

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