3 Timelapse Saint-Petersburg

Timelapse Saint-Petersburg

You have already
seen a video of
timelapse Moscow, now we offer you to see timelapse St. Petersburg. Read more...
31 Work Labour Camps of Stalin

Work Labour Camps of Stalin

The author of these photos is unknown but they say that these are prisoners of Gulag camps
photographed. All the pictures are dated back 1936-1937, probably the photographer spent much time
4 Cubs For Life

Cubs For Life

AP Photo This is an unusual bio-station in the Tver region that has become a kindergarten for 200 of bear cubs. Their parents are usually killed while hunting in winter and little cubs are left alone, fully unprotected. The saved cubs are fed and grown trying to avoid their contact
with people in order they could susrvive in wild nature when leave. When they become strong enough they are let out in the natural habitat. This bio-station has become a model for another one, created in Canada where they grow grizzly cubs not taming them.
2 Morning Comes to Kiev

Morning Comes to Kiev

Diamond Hill is one of the highest residential complexes
in Kiev, Ukraine. We will climb its roof today.
11 Sleepboxes In the Airport

Sleepboxes In the Airport

Such a capsule recreation room appeared in the Moscow airport Sheremetyevo. They are not used yet,
but are planned to be used by the end of 2012, when fully functional sleepboxes appear.
5 The Smallest Nuclear Bunker In Moscow

The Smallest Nuclear Bunker In Moscow

Let's visit a small bunker in Moscow that actually possesses the
least protection level as compared to other bunkers of the city.
8 Happy Happy Holiday!

Happy Happy Holiday!

Such cool cakes can make any
holiday unforgettable!
5 At the Waterhead of Mineral Water

At the Waterhead of Mineral Water

Borjomi is a mineral water, banned in Russia for some reasons but is sold in some other countries and in
Georgia. Borjomi park in Georgia is one of the biggest European parks! Let’s visit it right now.
6 Back Into the Past

Back Into the Past

An American professor Frank Whitson Fetter was travelling along Russia in the early 1930s, these are the photos of one
of the oldest Russian cities, muslim capital of central Russia that recently celebrated 1000 years old.
11 Artful Cinema Posters

Artful Cinema Posters

Below are some more photos of cinema
posters taken in small Russian towns.

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