2 Score a Goal

Score a Goal

We all know that football fans can be compared with religious fans when it comes to power of faith. But don't we
combine good and useful? Ukrainian church attracts football fans with icons with a field and a ball...
48 Pavel From Moscow

Pavel From Moscow

Pavel can be met in Moscow. He is not ashamed to wear the most weird outfits. Some people think it would be nice to send him to the army or even further, others, on the contrary, suppose that he is cool,
bright and creative. Some people from Moscow say he is from Ukraine because his last name is Ukrainian, they just do not want to admit that he could be their fellow citizen. And what do you think?
4 That Is Lot of Meat!

That Is Lot of Meat!

How much does your car weigh? A ton? Or maybe two tons? That's heavy indeed! But what about 180 tons of
fresh chopped meat? Now we'll visit a factory that produces around 180 tones of sausages a day.
4 What Can Be Made From Pasta?

What Can Be Made From Pasta?

Have you ever thought that pasta can be used in ways different from cooking and eating? Sergey
from Perm makes mills, cars, helicopters from it! And what is more - he has patented his idea!
5 Cultural Findings, Part 1

Cultural Findings, Part 1

What can one cook
having such a set?
1 Video Selection, Part XX

Video Selection, Part XX

Road video, bungee fail video and a
nice video of night Vladivostok today.

16 Soviet Tech Wonders and Their Destiny

Soviet Tech Wonders and Their Destiny

The USSR gave a lot of technical masterpieces, many of them are still
second to none. Unfortunately modern society does not need them much...

5 Big Russian Monkeys

Big Russian Monkeys

Orang Hutan is translated from Malay as a "forest man". In the XVIII century they started to be brought from
their native lands, Sumatra and Borneo, to Europe. Today their muzzles can be seen in Moscow too...

3 Labor Day In 1958

Labor Day In 1958

People came outside to celebrate labor day on the first day of
May. Some photos from Murmansk 1958 during such celebration.

0 From Logs To Matches

From Logs To Matches

ITAR-TASS photo It is the factory that makes matches and some other stuff from wood. These days are not easy for them, production volume tends to fall. Almost
half of the lines are stopped, dismantled or sold out... Nevertheless, let's see how they make matches that still look like many years ago.

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