37 Soviet City of Belarus

Soviet City of Belarus

Bobruisk is a city in Belarus. The place had been inhabited by people since the fifth-sixth centuries. The city was first mentioned in 1387 as part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1792 it became part of the Russian Empire and was included into the borders of Belarus in 1795. Today it is actually the largest city in the country. The photos made in the Soviet epoch show what the life in the city at those times was like.

Bobruisk hotel.

Central universal store.


On a weekday.

These areas used to be the most remote part of the city.


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37 Responses to “Soviet City of Belarus”

  1. Piotr says:

    Everyone had somewhere to live, a job to go to, school to attend and access to medical care if they needed it. When workers were tired from labor they could go to a sanatorium. Parents with all incomes could send their children to a pioneer camp. None of this is universally true in the United States. Many people live a dreadful life in the harsh confines of capitalism in its cruelest form.

    • (r)evolutionist says:

      Excellent comment, Piotr. Peace of mind under capitalism means you have to be Mitt Romney (or his spoiled kids).

    • Osip says:

      Yes, their lifes are dreadful, but they have iPad to comfort them.

    • Tiger says:

      No, socialism only delayed the nightmares until the late 80s when the system collapsed. It was an illusion and everybody who said that loud was sanctioned. If there would have been no revolution, Russia, including Belarus and Ukraine, would now be among the most prosperous nations in the world and not on the same level like Mexico, depending on natural resources. And yes, Russia would have even been able to afford a welfare state to level out the evils of capitalism it not endures. Again, thanks to socialism.

      • Maxim Ч. says:

        I live in Canada. One of the most developed countries on earth with an extremely high standard of living. WE still depend a lot on our natural resources. Why is this a problem? We have them and they give us an economic advantage, we should use them.

      • vorontsevich says:

        Thats a lot of assumptions, Tiger. Who could know what would happen if the August coup had never happened and Mr.Gorbachev, with all his infinite wisdom, had continued with “Perestroika”?

        If there had no revolution, it would have been three hundred years of serfdom all over again.

        • Slaven says:

          @ vorontsevich Haha you must be kidding. In the 1985. USSR had 1% of foreign debt to GDP ratio. And all that after US – Saudi arranged fall of the oil prices and sabotaged its efforts in Afghanistan.

          Dont be stupid.

          If traitor and saboteur gorbachev never came along today USSR wouldve been with few modification concerning its heavy and light production 2nd world power. With Comecon still existing it wouldve been possibly even on par with EU and US.

          gorbachev and his belazheva mobsters were wise only concerning oligarchs and their own pockets.

          Please do not be stupid.

    • America says:

      And the price of all that Utopian living back then was the hell that was 1990s Russia. That’s when the payment finally came due and Russia couldn’t afford it.

      (Soviet Union exits Stage Left)

      The End

      • Gen. Wnag Chung says:

        We are pleased to lend you more money to survive every year!!


        • America says:

          And we are pleased to sell you tons of U.S. made Gerber Baby Foods, because your parents of newborn children are terrified to feed their only child Chinese made baby food, out of fear of what adulterants might truly be in it!!

          • America says:

            Gerber, a brand you can trust. ;)

            • Scrot says:

              Dear ‘America’ guy,

              To answer about a huge chronic debt, is babyfood all you have?? LOL!!

              I’m pleased to inform you that again you were OWNED!!

              I’m trusting you’ll answer back more cracked up things.

              • America says:

                You are easily amused…

                laugh all you want. The Chinese know who they can trust when it comes to what they feed their only newborn child, and it’s not chinese baby food. ;)

                • Scrot says:

                  “… it’s not chinese baby food…”.

                  I knew you’ll do it, Hahah!! You should start paying to China your huge debts with Peach or Mango GERBER! LMFAO!! Cash-Debt Crisis solved!!

                  Yes, YOU ARE amusing. This time you really made me laugh, thanks!

                  • Fred Flintstone says:

                    With that GERBER “spin”, this guy ‘America’ reached a new low. I hope he types you back that crap or something similar.


                  • America says:

                    Talk all the c*ap you want, but the list of Russians and Chinese wanting to immigrate to the United States and start a new family is as long as ever, and the list of Americans wanting to do the opposite is as short as ever. that says a lot!

                    Yes America has it’s problems, not the first time, won’t be the last. But we’ve overcome them thus far, unlike oh say the USSR. ;)

                    • vorontsevich says:

                      Yeah, you keep thinking that. I remember thinking something along those lines, that the country had held together through thick and thin, and that it would be all right in a few years. That was back in the autumn of 1991, and the rest is history. (atleast its one part of history that YOU would know all about, forget that you know shyte about the years that came before it)

                    • Scrot says:

                      “Yes America has it’s problems”…

                      Oh! I didn’t know that! LOL!! See, EVERY cCuntry has problems. NONE is exceptional. So?

                      As somebody told you, don’t get the Chinese angry; you depend on them, and spin that as you wish, that won’t change for a while.

                      Please answer back to keep laughing… and bring more GERBER to the conversation!! YOU “America” guy, won the prize!

      • Chac Mool says:

        It’s always an Utopia when you spend more than you have.

        Don’t make the Chinese angry.

      • Slaven says:

        @ America you are just dumb.

  2. popalumi says:

    Ce timpuri ale abundentei!Nu aveai teama pentru ziua de miine.Acum inteleg asta.Nu stim sa pretuim socialismul la adevarata sa valoare.

  3. CZenda says:

    Looks like a set of propaganda shots from foxtrot-uniform-charlie-kilo-ing seventies. Note the “perfect” tiling job on “One of the most modern enterprises in the republic” photo. Pretty typical.

    • Mark says:

      Looks alot like Anycity, USSR, actually. About the tiling… if you did a job in the USSR, you did it good, or got sent to work somewhere where quality wasn’t an issue – mining, forestry, agriculture.

      NOT propaganda, for sure!

      • America says:

        “in the USSR, you did it good, or got sent to work somewhere where quality wasn’t an issue ”

        Like building Khrushchev era apartment blocks…

      • America says:

        Looks like Anycity, USSR propaganda actually. Like they used to publish in LIFE magazine. Communism was always rosey red flavored in those LIFE pictorials of USSR. lol

        • vorontsevich says:

          Your comments are way too similar to those of my very good friend “hirsh”.

          “Communism was always rosey red flavored in those LIFE pictorials of USSR.” Funny coming from a guy thats convinced that everything about the USSR was bad. While you accuse Life of showing the USSR in a rosey red flavor, you on the other hand are so determined to shoot down anything that shows the USSR in a good light.

          U menya yest khorozhaya idiya. Yesliy viy nichego ne znayete, zatem, ne govorite

          • America says:

            “Funny coming from a guy thats convinced that everything about the USSR was bad.”

            USSR was rotten from the head down. It’s not the Russian peoples fault. They were duped into living under communism and by the time they realized what a mistake that was it was already too late. All things in USSR was not bad, but the government sucked.

            • vorontsevich says:

              “USSR was rotten from the head down.” Sure, your beloved America and most of the so-called “free world” were fighting a cold war against a rotten, failed state, and not a nuclear superpower. Doesn’t matter that the economy grew, living standards increased and progress came in.

              “They were duped into living under communism”. They chose “communism”, or atleast one version of it. In case you didn’t know, the Red Army won the civil war, not because of its military geniuses, but because it had overwhelming manpower. And in case thats too hard for you to process, that manpower was provided by the “Russian peoples”, who according to you were duped.

              “All things in USSR was not bad” Well, atleast you’re making progress.

              “the government sucked.” True, that.

            • Aodaliya_Ren says:

              Nobody in the world lived under communism. I don’t know what they taught you at school but the USSR was a socialist country. Once again, it was socialism not communism. Comprende ?

        • Nobody says:

          America, the expert on communism.

        • Scrot says:

          But LIFE Mag had a lot of GERBER ads!! That was the real Weapon of Mass Destruction!! Unforgettable, LOL!

        • Aodaliya_Ren says:

          Well, how long have you lived there to make comments like that ?
          I’d lived in the USSR for 30 years and I tell you from my experience — my home town looked exactly like these photos, clean, tidy, sunny , no hobos, no gangs, no goddamn graffitti.

          You’ve been brain-washed. Admit it and let go of the Cold War propaganda.

  4. Real American says:

    I’d like to formally apologize for the idiot who managed to find this amazing website; while he has chosen to represent his country, he has done it poorly, and I would like to point out that his opinions are in fact of the minority and that he still suffers from the psychological impact of dehumanization. An unfortunate consequence of the cold war, his parents, and really most of the people he’s ever known or loved built up a mental image of Russian people that is both extremely stereotypical and vehemently defended. He is not of sound mind, and unfortunately came here to spout bullshit and rhetoric that’s several decades old.

    Russians are great people, I admire you all, I wish you the best in your future endeavors, and please ignore the blowhard Americans that seek to undermine the efforts of the rest of us.

    Kindest Regards,

  5. sinan says:

    The people who criticize socialism by pointing fingers to examples are not honest people because if those examples did not exist they would have still disliked socialism. Soviet experience may not have been 100% successful but it had its successes and it was a good first experimentation. A lot of lessons learned. The key is not to repeat the same mistakes the next time and render the socialism a bit more practical.

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