10 Life In The Middle Of A Lake

Life In The Middle Of A Lake

Lake Baikal is a wonderful place that looks mighty both in winter and in summer. It is the oldest lake in the world that was there 25 million years ago and is 744,4 m deep. No other deeper lake can be found in the world. Let us visit the place and enjoy its beauty.


10 Responses to “Life In The Middle Of A Lake”

  1. Daniel says:

    In the West, the lakefront property would be worth millions.?

  2. sauron says:

    Looks beautiful there.

  3. JZ says:

    I want to travel someday through all of Russia, such beautiful country. People living in Moscow don’t understand or appreciate what they have beyond the MKAD, a large rich country with breathtaking picturesque vistas, can’t give up their dusty metropolis with commodities at every corner. Such a waste…

    • Tiger says:

      Most Russians travel to cheap hotels in Turkey, Spain, Cyprus or Egypt. Around the lake Baykal you will find more foreigners than Russians. They still have the “soviet” idea of holidays: a big concrete bunker, an all inclusive buffet and roasting in the sun like a sausage. They usually have no eye for the true beauty of the nature of their own country. But the Russian hotels are also to blame, because outside the big cities of Moscow and Pieter the hotels are horrid and expensive.

  4. Lev Tolstoy says:

    Very good indeed. Untamed Russia is best.

  5. todd says:

    nice spot.

  6. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    The lake is actually 1642 m deep. A beautiful place

  7. Jiemo says:

    Who never saw Olkhon , never saw paradise !

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