1 Descendants of the Ancients

Descendants of the Ancients

Wakhan valley is a mountainous part of the Pamir and one of the most interesting places in Tajikistan. It contains monuments related to different epochs and cultures. Such a pity that usually tourists hurry up to see other sights and don't stay here for long.

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The ancient fortress was built before Christ.


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  1. bobden says:

    Most beautiful.
    Some photos are shot from the village Langar.
    Quite touristic in summer, because this valley is okay with a 4WD and is not a dead-end, unlike other valleys. It goes up to Murgab, down to khorog (sort of).
    People lucky enough to own a car and/or a decent house try to make a bit of money with tourists in summer, but summer is short.
    Bridges with Afghanistan, across the river, are very scarce.
    I would like to see what it is like in winter-time.

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