1 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part V

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part V

Posted on August 30, 2012 by team

Cars whose actions cannot be predicted on a road, crane falling on the construction site, drivers who always hurry up and do not like being behind, streets of Kazan where in a rainy season one can sail by boat, people who are trying to cross a newly repaired road – in the video selection today.

The driver wanted to leave the truck behind, drove on the counter line, was about to cause an accident.

The crane is falling in the video.

Rain is turning into waterfalls in the streets of Kazan, Tatarstan.

Did it wait in ambush?

People have some trouble while crossing the road that has just been repaired.



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  1. RusRoadRpr says:

    Is that why Russian roads are so bad… they’re full of shoes? ;)

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