15 Bathhouse of the Old Times

Bathhouse of the Old Times

Posted on August 30, 2012 by team

Wealthy men in old Russia (as old as the beginning of the last century) liked to go to a bathhouse in a nice men’s company (nothing gay or straight about this). But those bathhouses were pretty much different from those Russia has today.

One of those luxury bathhouses, one of brothers Yegorovs, in the beginning of the twentieth century is here on the photos today


Lobby, before 1914

Separate changing rooms

Changing rooms inside

There were special bathhouse attendants who were washing visitors.



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15 Responses to “Bathhouse of the Old Times”

  1. OCTOMOM says:


    There’s a dead guy floating in pic one!!

  2. Asmodeus says:

    Back then, soaping and washing your naked compadre was a normal “man thing”.

  3. a sane person says:

    it looks pretty gay to me

  4. BHC says:

    It doesn’t get any more gay than that!

  5. spiderplant says:

    I am pretty sure it was freezing so there was no “loch ness monster” or engorged pillars of doom as some of the posters above think.

  6. America says:

    Jesus the one guy is soaping up the other guys junk while staring deeply into his eyes. That’s not a bath it’s a happy ending.

  7. OCTOMOM says:

    This is my grandma’s PORN!!

  8. Piotr says:

    Yeah, I agree that it looks quite gay.

  9. say wha? says:

    The photos get progressively gayer as one scrolls down the page.

    Also, consider the fact that they had to hold their pose because of the limits of photography technology back then.

    “OK, now lather up your buddies package, hold still and say cheese”

  10. Maddcowe says:

    No thanks!

  11. Osip says:

    This alone was good enough reason for the revolution.

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