2 Having Fun Around, Part 1

Having Fun Around, Part 1

Posted on August 28, 2012 by team

Recently in Samara one could notice people flying over the Volga river – one of the widest rivers of Europe – with some strange equipment. The equipment turned out to be called “flyboard” and was brought from France for 15 thousand dollars. Approximately the same sum was required to make it work in full force. The guys who had a chance to use it say that the most important thing is not to fall on a Sea Doo following behind. One can fly 14 m high with the thing (height of a 5 storey builidng). It’s not too speedy but gives a chance fly over the Volga without touching the water.

Look, he is flying!

Single men hate doing their dishes, so they come out with ideas how not to spoil it and not to wash it afterwards.


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2 Responses to “Having Fun Around, Part 1”

  1. Lee Kyung Hee says:

    I wonder if eating seal is as good for man’s power as delicious cooked dog!!

  2. erer says:

    I will sell you stray dogs

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