45 Fossils That Witnessed Creation of the World

Fossils That Witnessed Creation of the World

Posted on August 28, 2012 by team

We aren’t going to bother you with plenty of scientific information. It’s the interest of geochronology specialists.

We’ll just say that the river of Taimyr – Kotuikan has shredded Anabarskoye plateau and exposed the geological strata that had formed three and a half billion years ago. The former bottom of the Archean sea turned into sedimentary rock and having destroyed under the impact of water and wind it reveals fossilized lamellar stomatolithic formations.

Their shapes are rather weird: some resemble a football, others – a tortoise shell…

Nature is still the best artist…


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45 Responses to “Fossils That Witnessed Creation of the World”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    Nearly half of all Americans won’t buy this. (and probably 90 per cent of Red Staters)

    • Fred Flinstone says:

      No surprise. A lot of Americans seriously think that the world was “created” about 5000 years ago, and that Dinosaurs were “created” at the same time as Adam… And they fight to teach that at schools.

      No joke.

    • Fred Johnson says:

      Yep, but it’s that religious that made Americans the people that give FAR more of their private money away in charity, than do many governments.
      That’s what made them the most generous people on the planet.

      • Neanderthal Man says:

        Before or after Slavery??

        Now of course, not all Americans are racist or scary Creationist-Bible fanatics. They just have some dark issues like all the countries in this world. No exception.

        Peace and Cheers!

    • America says:

      If you believe that you know very little about the people of the United States. Just another fool believing a bunch of propaganda and BS to make himself feel better about his own situation in Russia. lol

      • Neanderthal Man says:

        Your first mistake is assuming I’m Russian. Another is your lack of arguments.

        Some Americans are still debating teaching Darwin in Schools (!). Don’t say you don’t know that.

        Don’t get angry with me, tell those religious fanatics to educate themselves, isntead of defending their ignorance.

      • Sarah Jane says:

        @America: What russian propaganda?? The Bible is RIGHT, and that liberal Darwin only has a theory, you damn socialist Obama scum!!

        • No Mame says:

          Ignorants are always 100% sure of something that someone told them.

        • America says:

          @ Sarah. The bible is a bunch of crap.
          And i’ll voting Republican for economic reasons, not as some Republican mandate to do asinine stuff to like force “creation science” to be taught in public schools.

          And what Russian propaganda? The kind that leads people like (r)evolutionist to believe that over half of Americans don’t believe in science, but what the bible has to say instead. That’s a bunch of crap. Very few Americans are that dense.

          • Ball Breaker says:


            “…and that liberal Darwin only has a theory, you damn socialist Obama…”. LOL!

            See? Few or not, these American Christians are pretty funny guys. And very loud.

          • Fred Flintstone says:

            ‘America’ (LOL): Check the Gallup Polls. About 40-46% of Americans truly believe in strict Creationism…


            • (r)evolutionist says:

              Thanks for the source, Fred. America needs education.

            • America says:

              “Check the Gallup Polls. About 40-46% of Americans truly believe in strict Creationism…”

              And since when are polls accurate borameters of the truth? Polls are easy manipulated toward the desired outcome, people are easy manipulated by pollsters.

              If 40% of Americans really believe in strict creationism then 80% of them must live in a cave in Utah or are embarrassed to admit it publicly.
              All i know is my experience and it’s never been anywhere near that prevalent in the states i’ve lived in. Thank God! lol

              • Fred Flintstone says:

                “…easy manipulated toward the desired outcome, people are easy manipulated by pollsters….” LOL!

                For sure a Gallup Poll is a better documented parameter than your normally flawed suppositions.

  2. DouglasU says:

    Americans are easily the most ignorant people on the entire planet. How can I tell? Look who they elected in ’08.

    • Gen. Wang Chung says:

      I hope they would bring Bush Jr. back! We miss him a lot!


      • Emperor Norton says:

        General, you are being impolite. Everyone knows the office of the American president was vacant between 2001 and 2009. Fortunately America is poised to reclaim it’s greatness it had under President Clinton with the dynamic leadership of Mitt Romney. When that happens the Soviet Union better watch out.

    • Fred Johnson says:

      Yeah, but WE didn’t fall for a guy named marx or lenin or stalin or mao…

  3. bobi says:

    Long live America !! USA USA may all our bombs missiles and bullets rain down upon women children and innocent people. May our military servive men and women search and destroy all humans on Earth. USA USA ! may our land bless with all the innocent blood and bodies that we killed around the world for freedom and democracy.

  4. Maddcowe says:

    I guess I missed the part where this post had something to do with Americans and their intellectual capacity…

    • Chac Mool says:

      It began when someone brought up that the primitive life forms in these pictures would be unbeliavable for some weird American Creationists (a minority of Americans, I hope).

      Stromatolites are not included in their Bible.

      Cool place, though.

    • America says:

      It seems to have more to do with Russians lack of intellectual capacity, and the BS they’ve been brainwashed to believe. PUTIN PUTIN PUTIN!

      • Ball Breaker says:

        You don’t need to be Russian to laugh at the feverish Creationism that your fanatic Christians boast whenever they can (just look at their videos). They are simply too damn funny!!

        It’s not the fault of Putin (?), or of the pictured Stromatolites that they can’t explain.

        • America says:

          But you do need to be clueless Russian to think creationists are anything but a very small but vocal minority of Christian nut jobs. Certainly not half the population like (r)evolutionist says. Thus my comment about lack of mental capacity.

      • vorontsevich says:

        Ironic that you of all people should be talking about lack of intellectual capacity.

        • America says:

          That’s pretty funny coming from a guy who thinks communism is a workable form of government! :)

          • Ball Breaker says:

            “Sarah Jane” is funnier than you.

            • Fred Flintstone says:

              According to a Gallup Poll, “people in the US who believe in a strict interpretation of creationism had fallen to 40% in 2010 after a high of 46% in 2006…”.
              And it gets worse with Americans without college education.


              ‘(r)evolutionist’ isn’t so clueless after all.
              40-46% will NEVER be a “small minority”.

              There’s something very wrong with you guys.

              Yabba Dabba Doo…!!

          • vorontsevich says:

            Well for one thing you dont even know the difference between communism (an economic ideal) and a socialist government, so yeah, it is pretty funny.

            • America says:

              Nice try Vor, but I know the difference between communism (a failed economic ideal) and socialist government (a form of government that can actually work).

              • vorontsevich says:

                Oh really? So what exactly made you so sure as to assume I thought communism is a workable form of government, if you knew the diffrence all along?

                And funny that you should say that communism fails, but socialist government works? Talk about self contradictory. After all, what ideal is socialism based on? It sure as hell isn’t capitalism.

                What with you and the whole issue with colour photographs (which apparently aren’t color photographs, atleast according to you), you just have a knack for fails, don’t you? Lol.

                And BTW, do you have any idea what “Vor” actually means in Russian? Lol.

          • Scrot says:

            Dear “America” guy:

            I have to inform you that you were OWNED!!

            • America says:

              Dear “Scrot” guy:

              I have to inform you that you’ve mistaken me for someone who gives a sh_t what you think! lol

              • Scrot says:

                Dear “America” guy:

                You can flatter yourself, but I never believed you think at all!!

                Keep it coming, it’s vey fun watching you get debunked all the time! Please answer back!!

                • Fred Flintstone says:


                  I know, it’s good entertainment reading him. It’s like watching one of the 3 Stooges hit his head constantly. And he’ll do it again!

                  Count that this ‘America’ retard wil answer you back, he actually cares a LOT! LOL!!

                  And that’s why I consider a Gallup Poll better than this kid’s amusing crap.

              • Ball Breaker says:

                @”America”: I was wrong. You are funnier than everyone else in this site.

  5. Lev Tolstoy says:

    When the algal mats that form these stromatolites were slowly growing beneath the light of a strange sun, thoughts of some political something or other in the unfathomable future could not have even been imagined. And in a far-flung future equally distant from the present, water will wash gently against boulders, and the breeze will sigh amongst them, on a distant shore. Overhead, cold stars that make up unrecognizable constellations will crackle in the frosty night air. And thoughts of some political something or other in the unfathomable past will be equally unimaginable. And were by some miracle, you to arrive on that unknowable shore, for as far as you might care to cast your attention all around, you would hear nothing but silence.

  6. 8-P says:

    Aloha, according to basic geology, 99,9% of the earth surface has been covered with water in the past. The 0.1% has been created by volcanic eruptions.

    And to make a fossil, you need to bury a body alive under a layer of mud, so to cut it off from oxygen. If an animal dies naturally upon Earths surface, no fossil will remain.

  7. Tripper says:

    2 things evolutionist cant answer, and will never be able to answer, the first is where did all of the stuff that made the world come from? How was it created if nothing existed before? Next question they will never be able to answer but will find out after they die is, “what happens after you die”? Well, you’ll find out! Darwin was nobody special, he had the same knowledge we all possess. If you believe Darwin, then you put your faith in man and make him your god! Its your choice!

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