24 Science And Technology In 1959

Science And Technology In 1959

Posted on August 27, 2012 by team

The Soviet era was full of scientific achivements that became foundation for further Russian science and technology for many years ahead. Some of the experiments might seem to be almost shocking today.

The most notable faces from the Soviet world of science and technology of 1959, research institutes, interesting scientific objects and experiments are inside the post.

Alexander N. Nesmeyanov, president of the Soviet Academy of Science.

At the building of the Soviet Academy of Science.

Soviet chemist Nikolay N, Semenov, one of the founders of chemical physics.

Soviet centre of the Soviet Academy of Science.

The main astronomic observatory of the Russian Academy of Science.

Astronomic telescope in the observatory

Large radio telescope


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24 Responses to “Science And Technology In 1959”

  1. Maddak says:

    I have previously heard of Vladimir Demikhov. He was a sick piece of shit. No matter how it is contextualized, his work is simply perverted.

    • VAE says:

      His work showed that transplantation is possible, showed how to do it successfully, and the man who did the first heart transplant, Christian Barnard, built up on his work.

    • Joan Rivers says:

      That research also opened the door for the Face Transplants of today!

      • Anna Lewis says:

        The Nazi’s also undertook experiments on those who had no voice ~ If you condone Face Transplants Experiments as necessary and worthwhile, why not allow the experiments to take place on YOU!

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    Scientific socialism. Gave it up for McDonalds and malls? (and economic uncertainty; capitalism is a shell game)

    • America says:

      And Soviet style communism wasn’t rife with economic uncertainty too? The Soviet Union was an economic failure, not just an ideological one.

      • vorontsevich says:

        Yeah right. That must have been why for most of the Cold War era, the Soviet economy was growing and at a much faster rate than the American one. And if it hadn’t been for the ridiculous policies of Brezhnev it would have continued that way.

        But nice try, anyway.

        • America says:

          “And if it hadn’t been for the ridiculous policies of Brezhnev it would have continued that way.”

          But it did happen. And no amount of revisionist history can whitewash the truth. Soviet communism was no more stable an economic situation then anything else. Look at any communist country and you’ll see the same economically instabilities and bad economic policies. Everywhere communism thrives for a while the criminals in the party take over and ruin it for everyone.

          • Gen. Wang Chung says:


            Please bring Mr. Bush Jr. back! We’ll lend you more money!


          • vorontsevich says:

            That is down to Brezhnev’s mistakes, not communism’s. Get that through your thick head.

            There are only a handful of “communist” countries in the world, and one of them is China (who are now about as communist as the USSR after Lenin). Looks pretty economically stable to me. After all they are the ones who own half of your debt.

            • America says:

              Get this through your thick head. Everywhere communism is tried it fails. The reality NEVER lives up to the ideals. The ideals go against human nature. It doesn’t work, never has. And China isn’t as stable as you think.

              • Ball Breaker says:

                “…And China isn’t as stable as you think….”

                Economically at least, much more than the US and the European Union in the last 10 years. And it looks it will remain that way for many years.

                You can still ask the Chinese (Government) for more money while your pols rediscover the very idea of taxes.

                And no, I don’t like that too.

              • vorontsevich says:

                @ America

                Arguments really aren’t your strong suit, are they.

                “The ideals go against human nature.” Providing some sort of mediocrity goes against human nature?!

                “It doesn’t work, never has.” Look at seventy years of the USSR and at China today and then tell me it never worked. LOL.

                “And China isn’t as stable as you think.” It’s a lot more stable than your economy and most of Europe for that matter. If growth rates continue its going to be the largest economy in the world in a few years, and soon enough India will take second place.

                • West-Europe says:

                  Haha, the soviet system only worked till the end of second world war. After that, it went down. The more time passed, the more the livingconditions worsened. At the end, the only thing improving were the secret services of the USSR-states, just to create the power to keep the population calm while living in very poor living conditions.

                  • vorontsevich says:

                    Ha ha ha. You are so funny. Tell me, more about how living conditions worsened. After all, you should know all about it.

                  • vorontsevich says:

                    “the soviet system only worked till the end of second world war.” Actually, its the other way round, the economy really got kick-started after the war ended.

                    “The more time passed, the more the livingconditions worsened.” Tell me, how exactly living conditions worsened. I was born there in 1979, and I grew up there. I definitely don’t remember living conditions worsening, atleast not until the middle of 1992.

                    “very poor living conditions.” I wouldn’t call having enough food for everyone, having a good house, both parents having good jobs, having a car (which was a luxury at the time) and having access to free education and actually being happy as being poor. But hey, unless you’re driving the latest luxury sedans and wear designer clothing, you’re poor. Lol.

                  • Ball Breaker says:


                    You’re like the ‘America’ brain dead guy. “West-Europe” lived in fear of getting wiped out for over 50 years by a Super Power, not by a “went down” country.

                    USSR collapsed because it just spent too much… ironically, the same case of most of West-Europe now. And Russia today, is recovering fine (BRIC).


      • Joan Rivers says:

        Shut up! Look at me!!

    • SSSR says:

      @(r)evolutionist-What does McDonalds and malls have to do with it?The Gum shopping mall in Red Square (next to the Kremlin)has been there the whole time the Soviet Union was in power!

  3. chemia says:


  4. America says:

    Pure f–king awesome!

  5. Jesper says:

    I feel sorry for the two dogs, they couldn’t have survived for longer than a week.

  6. javox says:

    if my memory is not wrong dr favaloro, an argentinian doctor, was the first doctor makin a heart transplant…..

  7. africa says:

    Im hungry!!!

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