17 Air Force Museum

Air Force Museum

Posted on August 27, 2012 by team

One training base near Monino was disbanded and now available for any visitors. It’s the place that does not function anymore but where still so much interesting can be found. We gonna spend some time here: inside the base premises and around the territory where old aircrafts must have found their final stand.

Educational building is abandoned but still guarded.

Huge hangar nearby was allegedly used during WWII.

Have you ever hidden from rain under a plane?

Can’t get in…


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17 Responses to “Air Force Museum”

  1. Stewart says:

    I think that thing is an “XYZ grid” common for doing trajectory and vector calculation or designing antenna.

  2. Iggy says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong cause I’m not an expert (also I hope i didn’t miscount photos):
    Yak-28 on first photo,
    photos 7-16 and 18-19: Tu-95,
    photo 66 – Su-25
    photo 67 – Il-76 in flight
    photo 69 – An-12
    photo 70 – (left to right) An-12, An-22, An-12
    photo 71 – Bartini Beriev VVA-14
    photo 72 – Mi-24
    photo 73 – Yaks-28 and others (i think MiG-15’s canopy and MiG-25’s fin can be seen )
    photo 74 – Yak-28 and MiG-25(?)
    photos 75-77 – Yak-28
    photos 78-81 – MiG-25
    photos 82-86 – MiG-23 or 27
    photo 87 – Yak-140 probably
    photo 88 – Yak-28
    photos 89-97 – M-17 if you say so :-)
    photos 98-99 – Yak 28
    photos 100-103 – MiG-23 or 27
    photos 104-108 – Mi-24
    photo 109 – Tu-114
    photo 110 – Il-76 in the middle, right is M-55, left is Tu-22M(?)
    photo 111 – An-26 and An-22 in the backgroung
    photo 112 – Mi-26 tail rotor
    photo 113 – Tu-144
    photo 114 – An-12
    photo 115 – Il-18(?)
    photo 116 – Su-25 and VVA-14 in background

  3. gh0st says:

    That ‘some supersonic vehicle’ is the mighty Tu-144

  4. JC says:

    Can anyone help with an exact location for this please, i’d really like to see this for myself.


    [email protected]

    • John says:

      Hello JC,
      I was there in the 90’s when the military where still in charge ; really sad to see the Museum today. There are many very interesting aircraft iside the hangars, even 2 ‘flying saucers’ from the 50’s. The Museum is about 40 KM north to Moscou
      Regards, John

  5. Douglas says:

    55.835373,38.186883 Hangar location.
    Other pictures = kids playing in the junk on the SW corner of the museum grounds.
    The museum is quite amazing and definitely worth a visit!

  6. FinEST says:

    What a waste of awesome planes!

  7. scud-werfer says:

    if you are intelligent: SELL THE ARMOURED RADAR VEHICLE (on picture below the one with the shrooms)

  8. Dai says:

    There is Star Wars ship on 2nd from down photo.

  9. Andrey says:

    I can’t believe what this once glorious place looks like. I used to go to <> museum as a kid, and it was in a good shape, nothing was broken/stolen.

  10. Alex says:

    I have done a lot of exploring in the UK and some of the pictures I have seen from Russia look simply amazing. If I was to visit, how safe would exploring a site like this usually be? Thanks

  11. kocsis jános says:

    Can one buy any of these junks?

  12. kocsis jános says:

    my e-address is [email protected]

  13. javox says:

    some pics look like from other pots, from an abandoned militally base on 1991 or so….still sad to left everythin like that

  14. Ron says:

    I could spend days walking around this place. I bet there are a bunch of Nixie tubes out in those piles of junk.

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