11 Four-Leggers Against Crime

Four-Leggers Against Crime

Police dog service is a place where people work with smart animals. It was constructed in 1990 by enthusiastic employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia who tried to make lives of the dogs as comfortable as possible. There they get everything they need.

A medical room where the dogs are treated.

‘A dog’s sensory organs: oral cavity, internal surface of the pharynx, tongue, nose, nostrils, nasal cartilage, sagital section, etc’.

Numerous posters tell visitors how to take care of dogs in the right way: ‘hygiene’, ‘cleaning’, ‘cutting nails’, ‘trimming’, etc.

When employees have free time, they can go in for sports.

The dogs are trained how to search for weapons, explosives, narcotic substances and help to detect such crimes as thefts and murders. Today the employees work with 38 dogs.

Body vests for dogs.

The electrical dog collar is used to train dogs teaching them not to eat food that can be on the ground or given by unknown people as there is a possibility that the animals can be poisoned.


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11 Responses to “Four-Leggers Against Crime”

  1. andrei says:


  2. Y5K says:

    In my experience a dog seems to have an ability to tell if someone is friendly to dogs or not by his/her smell, though the person is a utter stranger to the dog.

  3. Richard S. says:

    Awe! So cute!

  4. Fred Johnson says:

    It’s still easy to cheat with a dog though. The look at their handler, and they’ll give very subtle messages that tell them to alert, even if there’s nothing there. The dog does, so they get to search you.

    The dogs are good, but they need another level of separation from the trainers.

    My dog just totally amazed me with her ability to track and search. She doesn’t have the personality, but her ability was just amazing.

  5. mittens says:


  6. Dron says:

    Drugs sniffing dogs in Russia trained on narcotics. Once fully developed – they become matured drug addicts.

  7. OCTOMOM says:

    Uhh… I don’t know. I’m a kitty…

  8. Lee Kyung Hee says:

    Here in Seoul, they all look delicious!!

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