15 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle SBRM

Cavalry Fighting Vehicle SBRM

Posted on August 23, 2012 by team

Recently they demostrated a cavalry fighting vehicle SBRM designed at the order of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and intended for completing recon elements. The vehicle is based on the serial STS “Tiger”.

Currently it is being tested, since 2013 they plan to start full-scale production. Its equipment and functions are impressive indeed.

SBRM searches and detects surface and flying objects with help of optic, thermal imaging, radar, acoustic, seismic, radio reconnaissance assets. It has a vehicle-borne command information system. It continually processes navigational information. Day and night it can fire detected objects.

Its other advantages: high mobility and armor protection. A crew of 4 persons can work in it with comfort.

Radar, thermal imager and TV camera.

Distantly controlled weapons platform. TV – thermal imaging module with a laser ranger + “Kord” machine gun.

The platform can be folded inside.

All the equipment can be placed in a special compartment.

Place of a UAV operator, the keyboard is waterproof

Commander’s place

Shooter’s place


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15 Responses to “Cavalry Fighting Vehicle SBRM”

  1. Vlady. says:

    You better pray, USA.

  2. Kolia says:

    uzhe 20let net analagov v myre :”)

  3. Daniel says:

    The last comment is appropriate. Too much high tech equipment in one basket. There is no room for the crew’s personal equipment,

  4. for what? says:

    It’s a recconnaisance vehicle, not a fighting vehicle.

  5. bobbob2011 says:

    Russian interior roof head liner is the best! Always has to be that dorky tactical camo.

    • Tiger says:

      They didn´t go for the alcantara option…but hey it has got leather seats and satnav system. How much bhp and torque this thing got? Any technical data? I am sure it has all-wheel-drive, but kind of gearbox does it have and who makes the engine and transmission?

  6. Apu Gupta says:

    i’d like to see that one in operational & effective use in Dagestan etc and would love to see a photo report in here, thanks

  7. Apu Gupta says:

    aww, sorry, not in Dagestan, but definitely at the US/Mexican border..!

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