4 Yes, This Very Show Once Again

Yes, This Very Show Once Again

Posted on August 22, 2012 by team

We have already seen plenty of photos from the 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Forces celebration. Now some more of them. Cool jet tracing across the skies in color and then we’ll see the landed stuff and some SAM missiles and… and something more, common lets see.

This was a real BIG show! That’s why do not even promise we aren’t going to go back to it soon again…

Finnish Midnight Hawk


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4 Responses to “Yes, This Very Show Once Again”

  1. thx-1138 says:

    “Combat helicopter MIG-3″ ??? :) World War II. fighter MiG-3, and some varian of combat helicopter Mi-24, probably one of the latest models, the Mi24PM

  2. bobi says:

    thanks for posting ! more more air show !!

  3. Chudluv says:

    What is the third Radar set down below the “Missile label”?

    • vorontsevich says:

      Its 55Zh6ME radar, known as Nebo-U. Its in compact form, the extended form is seen in the photo just one above.

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