23 Who Is There On the Road?

Who Is There On the Road?

Posted on August 22, 2012 by tim

Russian forests hide a lot. Bears on roads? Yeah, it happens sometimes, but who can be surprised with a grizzly? But Russian forests are vast and they have bigger surprises. A tiger, for example. Yeah, it can easily come out in daytime right on a road and it doesn’t care about all these cars and people around.

P.S. Nope, it didn’t escape from a ZOO or a circus, it’s the real Siberian tiger, wild and free, walking near the roads.

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23 Responses to “Who Is There On the Road?”

  1. Dr. Dot says:

    Well, it’s good to see that the United States doesn’t have a monopoly on Darwin Fodder.

  2. spiderplant says:

    02:40 it looks underweight and the facial expression it gives is “I am starving”.

  3. bobden says:

    old news. Jan 2011.

  4. Tiger says:

    That´s my boy…he seems to be so relaxed, not at all disturbed by the people, voices and cars around him. Maybe some driver has fed him and now he is looking at the standing cars for food.

  5. ZenKa says:

    cant you see its just a painted donkey

  6. erer says:

    save the tiger!

  7. mittens says:

    what a poser!

  8. OCTOMOM says:

    BIG road pussy!!

  9. Kyung Hee Lee says:

    In Korea, we also believe that some dead Tigers parts can be used for enhancing man’s power!

    Like snakes or the rhino horns!

    • Tiger says:

      Better believe something else and stop playing so much computer games in Korea. If You want to enhance Your manhood You need practise. Get a girlfriend, or married and practise everyday. And leave the Tigers, Rhinos and the other animals alone. Ask the Italians, they take olive oil and garlic (fry it together and eat it pure or add it to the noodels or meat), and they are considered to be good lovers. I had an Italian girlfriend from Venice and it worked excellent! She acutally gave me my nickname.
      That recipe gives You enough power, and is cheaper and better than any expensive animalpowder. Maybe I should make a powder of this and sell it in Korea? Do You think this would work :)?

  10. Chac Mool says:

    Amazing! I hope this is a sign that Siberian Tigers are growing in numbers. It looks thin and hungry, tough.

    • Tiger says:

      He looks very good. Cats, also big cats, can grow too fat like humans. Then he is to heavy to run and will die sooner. The only problem is that somebody must have fed him from the car and now he believes that food and cars go together. That is just irresponsible. The Tiger is absolutely capable of finding enough prey in the forest of the far east. He doesn´t need to be feed unless he escaped from captivity. Even stray cats can survive without human help.

  11. El Chapo says:

    I’m sure Boobs of Steel girl also filmed this Tiger in her highway.

  12. America says:

    Good thing he put the window up as it approached. We all know bears and tigers can’t get inside of a car with the windows up. :)

  13. America says:

    The only think missing from this circus is Putin riding in on horseback, bare chested and wearing a boonie hat, sides turned up, with a tranquilizer gun slung across his back…

    • Tiger says:

      As long as it is a bare chested Putin and not a bare chested Angela Merkel or Hillary Clinton…Speaking of bare and riding what does Hillary´s husband do at the moment?

      • El Chapo says:


        Bare chested Putin? Why do you think about him?? I prefer to think about the Boobs of Steel girl!! =P

  14. Maxim Ch. says:

    Crazy stuff. I met a rather large lynx, or maybe a small cougar, two days ago. Saw it at the roadside while driving, got out, and proceeded to kind of play peek-a-boo with it for a minute :D

    • Nowhere Girl says:

      Quite a late reply (I’ve just discovered the site), but here it goes: if you still remember this animal, how did its ears and tail look like? Maybe I, as a big cat maniac, can help you figure out if it was a bobcat or a cougar.

  15. MAXDMG says:

    He just want to eat. It just easy, no hunting, somebody drop him something. Animals not to stupid, they are lazy sometimes.

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