5 Video Selection, Part XXIII

Video Selection, Part XXIII

Posted on August 22, 2012 by team

Many cities keep suffering because of bad weather, streets and roads are flooded, cars sooner resemble boats, public transport cannot function…

After the rain in Chelyabinsk

Nasty weather in Kazan, Tatarstan

Is this the support sportsmen expect from their fans?

Some beach fun on a Hummer…

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5 Responses to “Video Selection, Part XXIII”

  1. spiderplant says:

    1st video – 01:40 she’d get it, 2nd video – bus driver ROFL!, 3rd video – the yeti, 4th video – ROFL

  2. MAC says:

    flooding water would have raw sewage in it – hence walking around in it and you could get all sorts of diseases from a cut/scrap to anything…

    have they heard of a drainage system before???
    just wondering who designs the inadequate road system

    • vorontsevich says:

      Roadside drains are supposed to clear out water from light showers and “normal” amounts of rainfall, not floods.

  3. jeffrey pigden says:

    It’s what we call ‘natural selection’

  4. Ross says:

    Now when I play your videos there are annoying advertisements that come up first. I’ve been visiting your site since it began. If this keeps happening I won’t be watching your videos anymore.

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