6 To the Highest Top of Saint-Petersburg!

To the Highest Top of Saint-Petersburg!

Posted on August 21, 2012 by team

It seemed to be impossible to get to this TV tower in St. Petersburg without a pull. But there are always guys who are ready to prove there’s nothing impossible.

It’s rather dangerous to go higher than 656 feet where used to be an observation deck – the antennas radiation can cause irreversible effects for health. So it remains to catch the moment when the antennas are off – when preventive measures are taken. It means a lot of technicians being there though… Thus it cannot be easy anyway.

Now we are going to climb the height of 1000 feet, there is nothing higher in St. Petersburg…


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6 Responses to “To the Highest Top of Saint-Petersburg!”

  1. zat says:

    The photos suck and they got brain cancer. Great work.

  2. LovesFLSun says:

    These pictures are great. I’m sure the “trouble” was well worth it…

  3. MAC says:

    where radiation from?

    • Mummeli says:

      My guess is they meant radiation from antennas. Usually during maintenance, the big antennas are switched off, but the smaller ones remain online, emitting radiowaves, which are not that harmful.

  4. Synthacon says:

    Well, the radiation from antennas is microwave radiation. I guess there were couple cells fried! :D It sure is bad for your brains but what about your balls?! lol!

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