33 The Holy Month Is Over

The Holy Month Is Over

Posted on August 20, 2012 by team

Yesterday the Muslims from all over the world celebrated Eid-Al-Fitr, the day on which the month of holy Ramadan is over. Let’s see how the day went by in Moscow.





This year Russian police decided not to lose a chance of detaining illegal immigrants right after the holy prayer. This certainly made their work easier… But is there gonna be any reaction they didn’t expect?

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33 responses to “The Holy Month Is Over”

  1. noh says:

    Did one get permission to photo them?

  2. 70KokuSamurai says:

    Once again, Islamic philosophers make this event a “guy thing”.
    They keep forgetting, the Qur’an is for *** EVERYONE! ***

  3. Sochi says:

    That is the place Russy Riot should have staged their appereance!

  4. Rich says:

    they don’t pray like that in their muslim home countries.
    russian officials are stupid, they should take france as an example, where praying like this is forbidden since one year.

  5. ZenKa says:

    islam is a disease

  6. Jeebs says:

    That’s amazing and I notice you didn’t get any shots of Russian skin heads causing any trouble I’ve watched many documentary’s about how they feel of non whites in Russia

  7. zx10R says:

    i wouldn’t be happy to live with these pigs in one country

    • Tiger says:

      Yeah, nothing new. Ever been to France, UK, Netherland, Germany or Athens? Looks even worse than Russia. In Germany the Arabs and Turks hunt the Germans in their borrows, in Sweden the girls get raped in public pools and everybody keeps quite.
      Russia should not be stupid like the west. Most of them have beatiful homelands such as Tadjikistan and can always go back home, since they are independent now. Or they can go to Turkey of Dubai since they fit there better because of the religion. They have enough places to go and don´t need no Russia and Russia has enough people out of job and does not need uneducated guest workers since most workshops are either closed or subsidised or require a higher education and several international languages (I mean English/German/Italian…no Uzbek, Chechen or Tajik…sorry). If Russia needs people there are enough Belarussians, Ukrainians, unemployed Russians from the Baltics and Moldovans. Even Bulgaria has a lower living standard and although I despise Kirkorov as an artist they still fit better in Russia than these guys. Just that way.

  8. DouglasU says:

    these people are sincerely trying to get closer to God. Nothing wrong with that and I admire it. The problem is that Islam is a cult that will eventually be washed away in the centuries ahead.

    • Tiger says:

      Their god is not our god, like Hilfiger is not Zegna and Lada is not Porsche. There are functional similarities, but that is all. There are too many differences to be identical. Start with the 72 virgins in heaven. That is a sexual fantasy, but nothing divine to us. A proper priest telling me about a sex party in heaven would get beaten up 🙂 . In Christianity You sit at the table of the Lord in heaven, but there is no more any lower emotion, like lust or envy. That´s why it is called heaven and not earth. Let alone from the praise of suicide bombers, debate culture and so on. Then there is the concept of forgiveness versus jihad…I could keep on like this for hours. The only thing you can learn is to be firm in your belief and respect family and women (and also women should not behave like whores). But still that is also taught by our religion if you read the evangelium carefully. That is why the Orthodox church still does not accept divorce in most cases.

      • Furkan says:

        you really don’t know anything about Islam. Just some knowledge what you heard from someone else… For your own opinion please read something about İslam from a source name is Qoran Qerim… After talk and wrote here. We calling people as you are as “simple minded”

        • Tiger says:

          I have read the Quran and I even know more about islamic law than You since I studied it at University as a secondary subject (I have a degree in law and philosophy and I can debate better with Your own ulema than You can). The trouble with You guys is that You think that being circumcised and screaming “Allahuakbar” is sufficient to be a proper Muslim. You usually don´t know Your own Koran, let alone the Hadiths. And even if You know them, You try to sugarcoat the ugly parts since You think that will prevent You from losing face, but it doesn´t! You should be ashamed that a Christian is educating You about Your own religion.

  9. Sindbad says:

    Is in the very interesed of russians to get rid of muslims from their lands…and fast!

  10. (r)evolutionist says:

    One of the great disappointments in world history was the ending of the Islamic golden age from c.800-1100, when all faiths (and no faith!) were tolerated in the Islamic lands. Scientific advances like Arabic numerals, the zero, and star nomenclature occurred. Then religious certitude and intolerance and rejection of secular science took hold after 1100 and the Islamic world since has essentially contributed nothing towards human civilization. When religion smashes science and reason, ignorance reigns. (Golden domes and nuclear weapons are not an advance in civilization)

    • (Counter)revolutionist says:

      Most educated and literate people in early Islamic world were middle eastern Orthodox, Nestorian and Coptic Christians, who were versed in Greek language, science and philosophy. Most Arabs at the time were primitive barbarians from desert. For example, Orthodox theologian John of Damascus was court astronomer and mathematician of early Caliphs. Muslims at the time had to be tolerant, because they needed educated people for their empire, and since they were ruling minority. Arabic numerals are actually from India, while most Arab science is simply translation or commentary from ancient Greek and Byzantine sources. Science and logical reasoning started as critics of Atheism and moral relativism of Sophists, see. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. For modern authors see Rene Descartes, father of modern scientific method. Your attitudes have nothing to do with science or reason, but with ideology of Positivism.

      • (r)evolutionist says:

        Positivism in the original Comtean usage means to use the scientific method to investigate human actions and natural phenomena in the world, rejecting introspective metaphysics (sounds like science to me). “Positivism is a way of understanding based on science.”

        • (Counter)revolutionist says:

          All these statements are not scientific, but dogmatic metaphysical statements pointed against metaphysics. Science and scientific method are indeed products of speculative metaphysics. But what can you expect from descendants of ancient sophists. Using constantly words like “science” and “reason” does not make you or your claims scientific or reasonable.

        • Tiger says:

          Comte is so naive 19th century, believing in his writings is actually like believing in the future of the steam engine. I mean 19th century is allright, I am a big Hegel fan, but Comte is just plain and does not really explain anything.
          Every “scientific” statement is based on a metaphysical core you cannot prove and is hence “speculative” if You wish. So the only thing left is to check the paradigm and the data for anomalies (empirical check) and adapt if not totally revolutionize the paradigm. Ever read Kuhn, Lakatos or Feierabend?

      • Tiger says:

        Islam was tolerant so it could collect the Jizya taxes from the other “people of the book”. They needed their expertise and support to raise armies and build as well maintain cities. That was a pure calculation, that´s it. When the christians were not useful anymore they were usually killed or expelled. The last time this happened on a large scale was 1915 with the Ottoman Christians (Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians) or even more recently with the Serbs in Kosovo or the Christians in the islamic ex-soviet republics. To some extent that has also already happened in Dagestan and especially Chechnia with approx. half a million christians ethnically cleansed or killed before the first chechen war. Now there are almost none Christians left, maybe less than 5% of almost 50% in 1991 (although there are even few christian teips). In Dagestan the number has also dropped sharply, partly due to harassment, but also due to the high unemployment in the region. So Islam is neighter tolerant nor humanistic, but it instrumentalizes those concepts for its own goals.

  11. Apu Gupta says:

    jeez.. i thought western-europe were already done with no point of return, well france and uk mostly,

    but now i see that and in Moscow?

    • Tiger says:

      They do not get the social benefits like in Europe though. If they can choose, they would all come to Europe. In Germany, if you are out of job for more than one year and have wife and three kids, you get the equivalent of a 60k€ gross income, with full healthcare benefits. And the kids get a free university education with a generous scholarship. And the German has to go to work everyday and pay for this via his monthly salary of deductions of 50% alltogether.

  12. Le Français says:

    To “Rich” I say that French politicians are monkeys because they make laws who are not respected.They are afraid with muslim people and I hope that they will be eject by real french people in the future.
    Islam is a fake(numbers are Indians) and a fake for occident.If muslims were 50 in the world, everyone says that it’s a madness sect.
    (excuse my bad english,thanks)

  13. jerry says:

    an army in waiting…should have carpet bombed the pigs

  14. skopeil says:

    why hate other peoples religion or believes? Animal are more humanized than you all…

    • Tiger says:

      They may be uneducated, but if they are stronger in their belief, they will win. The Byzantine Empire had it all: money, science, infrastructure, education, troops…you name it. And they lost to the semi-nomadic turks (who came from Central Asia by the way), because they got decadent, less religious, corrupt and … well, very much like we these days. This should be a warning not to underestimate them. If we don´t get our homework done, we are done in 100 years, from Russia to Portugal.

  15. Conroy says:

    Man they look stupid with their asses in the air. Poor Moscow.

    • Furkan says:

      be respectful please… it is called like “sajdah” and Muslims cannot go to Sajdah except Allah…

    • Tiger says:

      It is proper to praise god. Even in Orthodox Churches people would get on the ground like this at certain prayers. In fact, in medieval times all Christians prayed in a similar manner, bowing down before Christ. This was however abandoned by the western churches due to reformation and adaption to the Zeitgeist.
      But I agree that some of these guys could at least have covered their asscracks since this is an offend against god as well 🙂

  16. imran says:

    Inshort Islam is a very peace full religion than any other.Who says Muslims are terrarists no its completely wrong bcz what media is showing us thats what we are beliving and media is in the hands of christians n jews.they can not see the growth of Islam the fastest spreading religion is islam n islam does respect of all other religion.So Do not say anything what u dnt knw.thnx

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