6 Out of the Fire!

Out of the Fire!

Firemen perform exploits every day saving people from fire.

Almaty, Kazakhstan has 13 fire departments in general and one fire department that protects very important objects. Around 1000 of men are employed here.

The fire department we gonna see some pics from deals with the largest area of the city.

Let’s find out what firemen’s work means to them.

Around 10 cars are available in every fire department.

The employees say that they have 4-5 calls a day. Summer is considered as a safe period as compared with winter when the number of calls increases.

One shift is changed by another one.

But before shifting they need to discuss the accidents that took place when they were on duty.

Schedule: changing of guards, getting ready for studies, 3 hours of studies, taking a meal, psychological training, sports event, etc.

Fire men usually follow the schedule when there are no emergencies.

Firemen retire when they are 45. Many of them wish to continue working after that.

Many of them chose the profession when they were kids and saw with their own eyes what it means when a house is on fire.

They stay at work for 24 hours and have a rest for the next three days. But in case of emergency they can be called to work at any time.

They have 1 minute to get ready and leave the place after a call.

They use the time to take on the equipment and reach the car.

The Bronto Skylift machine is used to extinguish fire in buildings and save people. It is 54 meters high. If a building is higher, climbers are called.

A fireman must be healthy and be in a good psychological and physical shape.

Many years ago the building was occupied by a fireman on duty who gave an alarm when he saw some smoke.

Every fireman must know how to tie knots.

It can help during evacuation of a person from a high-rise building.

Their clothes are treated in a special way which makes them less flammable.

While driving to the place firemen talk to the operator who describes the type of an accident in detail.

There is no need to provide the people with instructions as everybody knows exactly what to do.

A water stream can be 60 m long.

5 more minutes and it is all over.

But very often fires are very strong and not easy to be extinguished.

502 fires occurred in Almaty during the last 6 months.

The guys cook dinner at a small kitchen or bring food from home.

It is time to relax and watch TV.

In the evening they can have some time to play sports games.


The people say that they feel really happy when they have an opportunity to do their job well, when there are no victims and everybody is saved. Some may consider the job too dangerous, but firemen are proud of what they do.


via voxpopuli

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6 Responses to “Out of the Fire!”

  1. iii says:

    It always irritates me when i see firefighters wear military uniforms…

    • Liptonius says:

      That the firemen select the best-quality, long-wearing garments available is probably not a military or even political statement.

      Jeans are not necessary for the vast mafority who are not roping cattle or managing horses, and yet we wear them for their comfort and functionality.

  2. Fiold says:

    Respect guys! Firemen are my personally number 1!

  3. p51d007 says:

    Firefighters, regardless of where they are from, are something else. When everyone is running OUT of a building, they are running TOWARDS a burning building. Takes a special kind of person to run TOWARD danger.

  4. asdf says:

    why are borat anthem playing in my head

  5. jeffrey pigden says:

    Want to meet a REAL hero … talk to a volunteer fireman!

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