13 Bombing the Truck

Bombing the Truck

Posted on August 20, 2012 by team

Some exclusive photos of testing the Russian armoured equipment: an armored module intended for mounting on KAMAZ, URAL chassis – SBA-60. Let’s see how it will undergo some trials and what it is capable of.


Loading on the module crew was estimated with special devices able to detect overload in the chairs and noice pressure, they are also able to estimate the state of experimental animals (pigs and rabbits).

The testing showed that according to all parameters the module meets all safety requirements.

6 kg of explosives in TNT equivalent under the wheel and bang bang!

What happened to those poor animals inside?

The module after the explosion of an HE projectile at the distance of 2,5 m

After the explosion – under the wheel

One more explosion!

The module after the explosion (8kg of HE in TNT equivalent) – under the bottom.

In the end it also underwent some shooting…

Does it seem quite safe to you after all?

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13 Responses to “Bombing the Truck”

  1. Osip says:

    Just guessing, but the driver didn’t do so well.

  2. erer says:

    the module is supposed to be airdropped on the bomb and keep airtight huh?

  3. Baron says:

    where are the pigs?

  4. MAC says:

    conscripts are expendable…

  5. Testicules says:

    Not very new tech. South Africa had designs like this for decoades

  6. jeffrey pigden says:

    The original design dates from the ’70s. In the past, it was a custom built vehicle. The newer designs are meant to be built on a standard military grade chassis. This is the crew module under test. The other module is the cab section. The floor of the cab & engine compartment has the same V shape as this crew compartment.

  7. Chudluv says:

    I want to see what 45.36kg (100pds) does to it. That has been the amount per IED in Iraq and Afghanistan. My brother just got back after a 9 month tour there and has some great pictures of them.

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