5 Album of Some German Officer

Album of Some German Officer

Posted on August 20, 2012 by team

These unique photos are from the album of one officer who used to serve in the army of general Heinz Guderian during WWII. Better than any high-budget movie about the war they reveal the reality of that time… We look at it and prefer to take it as history, as some pages from a school book, but these shots bring us back to that hard reality…


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5 Responses to “Album of Some German Officer”

  1. spiderplant says:

    his book “achtung Panzer” is quite good because it describes AH etc and how they behaved in meetings etc (and you can imagine how big the egos were). AH dismissed Guderian because he had the strength to say “i disagree”. Then when the Eastern Front collapsed he re-instated him.

  2. 70KokuSamurai says:

    The missing photos are the ones where peasants are executed and rolled into ditches they themselves had to dig. Plus the burning of villages and looting of homes. You get the idea…

  3. Hans says:

    According to author Kurt Zentner, the first pic is of a female partisan.

    The fate of captured partisans was death.

  4. Guns of Bung says:

    @spiderplant, that’s nog the book “achtung Panzer” you’re talking about, it’s “Panzer leader”. “Achtung panzer” was written before the war, so it can’t contain those passages.

  5. Alper says:

    Absolutely fascinating! I take this is Ukraine from the landscape and weather. Thanks alot!

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