6 Cities of Georgia

Cities of Georgia

Posted on August 19, 2012 by team

Georgia means cool wine, mountains, ancient and modern architecture in harmony, a lot of temples, mountains again … and huge khachapuri (Georgian cheese pastry) on a skewer.

Each second car here is Mitsubishi cause they are rather cheap…

Like the tower of Sauron

One wine by itself is the reason to come to Georgia!

Fortress Ananuri somewhere in the middle between Tbilisi and Grudauri.

Nice picture to see in the morning first, eh?

Or like this one…


Skiing pleasures


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6 Responses to “Cities of Georgia”

  1. Fred Johnson says:

    Nice place, I like the old buildings. I live in Georgia, USA, Near Atlanta.
    And we had a chance to build a beautiful bridge like the one shown here (similar). And they turned it down for a regular looking, industrial looking, automobile bridge. Ugly as sin.
    They just weren’t thinking how something looks, might improve the view or people’s outlook.
    It’s sad, I look around, and I don’t see the grand architecture like other places around the world. Tall glass buildings, like everywhere else, but nothing “special” any more.

  2. Apu Gupta says:

    ive heard Saakashvili built a $500million worth mansion for himself

  3. andel says:

    Is Georgia a part of Russia?

  4. jac says:

    Have a few friends who already visited Georgia – all of them very pleased by the local hospitality as well as the landscape/architecture. The only thing this place misses is still a good PR in the world. Apparently if you’re a westerner, should have no problems travelling around (provided you’re aware it is far away from being a developed country). If you’re russian on the other hand..well in that case you wouldn’t want to visit it anyway?

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