12 Vapors of Kamchatka

Vapors of Kamchatka

Geothermal power station is such an electric power station that generates electric energy from the heat energy of underground springs and natural warmth of the planet. Heat in the form of steam or hot water goes to the earth surface.

Russia does not have many of them, though we are going to visit one right now.

In volcanic regions, for example, like Kamchatka, ground waters are heated to the boiling point at small depth. Water goes to the surface manifesting as geysers.


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  1. 山下智久 says:

    diaoyu islands belong to china!

  2. Up in northern Manitoba we have many hydro electric dams – generating power that we export to to America Often Canadian wheat was traded with the USSR in exchange for payment for the electric power generating dynamos

  3. MikeV says:

    To China, Well you think the whole world belongs to you. Why don’t you try to take the Islands back, let me guess, because Russia has a military and would kick your ass.

  4. Jeebs says:

    Ok the first photo doesn’t look ummm BAD please tell me that’s just the muddy waters please

  5. 山下智久 says:

    we do not want war, but we are not afraid of it

    • Jeebs says:

      Ya say that now until you have Russian T95,MiG’s and spetsnaz troupes having a city wide bbq in Beijing

      You know I wouldn’t mind seeing Russia and China go at it I have no idea who would win. My moneys on Russia it’s been a while since China been in any fights they could be rusty like the sword that will cuts off the dragons head :)

      • 山下智久 says:

        hey!my friend! i mean is that diaoyu diaoyu islands belong to china!not kamchatka! do you see what i mean?

      • vorontsevich says:

        Hey. What does Russia have to do with dispute between China and Japan? Trust me, neither of you want the Russian military taking a side in that one.

        And BTW Jeebs, your wish isn’t gonna happen. :D

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