11 At the Abandoned Airfield

At the Abandoned Airfield

There is an air field that has a plenty of broken and old helicopters on it. The field is not guarded and is abandoned. Photos of it were made in the sunny and rainy weather.

Landing field.

Approaching the planes.

In two weeks after the photos were made another Mi-6 was transported here.


The plane stands in front of the administrative building including in the complex of an aviation factory.


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11 Responses to “At the Abandoned Airfield”

  1. cockatrice says:

    If only we both had done something useful with all the resources wasted instead of worshiping at the bloody altar of the God of War.

  2. Erikas says:

    Ahh this would be my heaven to go around :) What can I say, I love aircraft, and that includes the ones that have see better days. Thanks for the post.

  3. Jeebs says:

    I just want to loot the crap out of Russia I mean with all the scrap just sitting around I could be super rich if not the cost of moving all that scrap metal :(

  4. Osip says:

    Newest franchise business opportunity in Russia: U-Pulls-It aircrafts parts.

  5. Dai says:

    Under the photo of An-2 is W3 Sokol?

  6. vai777 says:

    Those Mi-6 are in fact Mi-8. And yes, that is W-3 under the photo of An-2.
    So heartbreaking to see those beautiful machines in such a poor state…

  7. Hanszel says:

    Well the hell is this airfield? Looks a good place to

  8. Hanszel says:

    Where is this airfield?? Would love to go there one time… But is it safe to take photos on this abondened place???

  9. FinEST says:

    who throws a Mi-26 away?

  10. so sad :( says:

    how sad, many good helicopters here……..why they just left this helis :( many mi 24s……im crying

  11. Ray says:

    If these are the helicopters at Pripyat, in the Ukraine, they are abandoned because they are contaminated with radiation from Chernobyl. They used the helicopters to drop concrete onto the reactor to try and stop the meltdown. Everyone involved in flying those choppers would have been killed by the radiation.

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