48 Pavel From Moscow

Pavel From Moscow

Posted on August 16, 2012 by team

Pavel can be met in Moscow. He is not ashamed to wear the most weird outfits. Some people think it would be nice to send him to the army or even further, others, on the contrary, suppose that he is cool, bright and creative.

Some people from Moscow say he is from Ukraine because his last name is Ukrainian, they just do not want to admit that he could be their fellow citizen.

And what do you think?

“How do they let him to be near schools?” – yelled one distressed Russian father while seeing the guy nears his daughters elementary school…

Welcome to Moscow!

Location: Moscow

via asaratov

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48 Responses to “Pavel From Moscow”

  1. Maddcowe says:

    To be shot on sight.

  2. Iggy says:

    My eyes are bleeding. Damn you, EnglishRussia!

  3. Serg says:

    It is Ukraine

  4. Serg says:

    number of the autos is not Russian

  5. Piotr says:

    What a weird guy! Is he some kind of homosexual? He looks like a transvestite version of Rambo. He could definitely be a model or maybe cast in some comedy movie?

  6. Richard says:

    Sick attitude towards life. This is not good in any way do you not think? I have no more comments.

  7. René says:

    Oh well, he doesn’t physically hurt anybody so live and let live.

    • No Mame says:

      If this guy were your neighbor, you wouldn’t think like that. Specially if you have kids.

      • someone says:

        Wow, that’s sad… I got a guy somewhat like this for a neighbor, and I have kids. I like my neighbor – he is eccentric but harmless. I try to educate my children in such a way that they’ll know and understand that not everyone behaves or dresses the same, and they seem to have accepted that, even though they find it strange. What’s the matter with you? Can’t people have a different approach to life than you, without being shunned? Think of the values you’re forcing on your children…

        • No Mame says:

          One thing is your “approach to life” and another explain your kids your neighbor’s pic 3. Please explain the “values you’re forcing on your children” with that pic.

  8. BHC says:


  9. Jewels Vern says:

    It is impossible to fully explain human behavior without supposing the existence of a devil.

  10. Dan says:

    They should send him to the Army so he learns how to properly hold a firearm. Finger on the trigger…

    Other than that, meh. As long as he doesn’t hurt anyone he’s OK by me.

  11. Ilovevodka says:

    Close your eyes and imagine you are going thru an alley way and this guy appears behind you, now, check your a&s

  12. Theorist says:

    Pussy Riot only wish they are this cool.

  13. Fred Johnson says:

    Always gotta be some guy like that, attention whore, walking around naked or something, hoping women will flock to him (or guys). What pervs…

  14. MikefromCanada says:

    Pussy Riot gets 2 years in a Russian prison for singing a song, yet this man is free to walk the streets? I believe your sexual orientation is called into question Mr. Putin. Haha what a joke.

  15. nicolas from France says:

    haha super Russian Borat ! nice, no one want touch it

  16. spiderplant says:

    well Rene i think he would physically damage someone if he was the train and they were the tunnel. somebody’s appendage would form the Eurotunnel.

  17. Maddcowe says:

    soooooooooo HOT!

  18. Tovarich Volk says:

    Pavel from Moscow…. never to be mistaken for Tom Of Finland.

  19. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Gnarly! Looks like a queer!

  20. sasha fierce says:

    dammit the man walks better in heels than me. :(

  21. ZeroDrop says:

    The word “strange” is not enough to describe this guy. My eyes are bleeding!

  22. OCTOMOM says:

    Let’s hook him up with Ru Paul!

  23. Jordan says:

    First photo reminds me of Putin.

  24. Susi says:

    I wanna touch him :-D

  25. Straight Man says:

    This guy is just making me laugh. Sure, this is what extreme macho looks like from another planet. Doesn’t bother me at all !

  26. spiderplant says:

    I came back again to see how bad the pics were. I hope I am not turning to the dark side…..

  27. Bonzy says:

    He is from Ukraine, see the car number plates

  28. Jeebs says:

    I love this part

    Some people from Moscow say he is from Ukraine because his last name is Ukrainian, they just do not want to admit that he could be their fellow citizen HA HA HA

  29. America says:

    LOL, he’s a Ukrainian expat living in Moscow. If you need a naked DJ that’s hung like a horse give him a call!


  30. Dmitry says:

    “Some people from Moscow say he is from Ukraine because his last name is Ukrainian, they just do not want to admit that he could be their fellow citizen”
    Dude, you are one big idiot and anti-russian propagandist. This guy is ukranian and all this pictures were made in Ukrain.

  31. asdf says:

    why isn’t this guy on the ground beaten and drowning in own blood already.

  32. Tadpolish says:

    Pavel is awesome! It takes a real man to be able to walk in such shoes! He should come to Venice Beach in California. There are plenty of interesting people just like him.

  33. Amir says:

    It’s amazing the level of stupidity in these comments lol. “He’s different let’s kill him” yea that’s a great idea wile you’re at it kill yourself since you are different from just about everyone else as well.

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