4 Big Russian Monkeys

Big Russian Monkeys

Posted on August 15, 2012 by team

Orang Hutan is translated from Malay as a "forest man". In the XVIII century they started to be brought from their native lands, Sumatra and Borneo, to Europe. Today their muzzles can be seen in Moscow too...

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What a serious guy!

Their hair is almost 0,5 m long! In fact they live in bog forests or on tree tops and do not like to come down...

These creatures are amazing and very cute. Such a parody of a human being!

Besides it is very interesting to watch how they behave and communicate with each other, how mom takes care of a son, how a couple can be in love.. Truly like people!


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4 Responses to “Big Russian Monkeys”

  1. Ilovevodka says:

    They show monkey nipples but not the hot girls nipples…..

  2. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    No black boxes on monkey nipples. Not as offensive as human I guess

  3. ptc says:

    DONT CALL HIM A MONKEY !!! (Terry Pratchett’s fans already know why :-) )

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