8 One Old House In The Abandoned Village

One Old House In The Abandoned Village

Pogorelovo is an abandoned village in the Kostroma region. It used to be a rich state village. Ivan Polyashov was the richest person in the village. He even obtained an order from the royal family and repaired the Winter Palace.

In 1903 Ivan Polyashov constructed a house and became one of the largest landowners in the neighborhood.


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8 Responses to “One Old House In The Abandoned Village”

  1. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    What an amazing house. It’s too bad that places like this one sits abandoned and slowly decaying

  2. chemik says:

    incerable house ! i wont him !

  3. 70KokuSamurai says:

    Beautiful architecture, hope these guys are up to the restoration.

  4. Jeebs says:

    Man that’s a real shame it’s a beautiful house and I don’t say that often about Russian architecture

  5. Its looks like the house in Nikita Mikhalkov’s film Burnt by The Sun

  6. nicolas from France says:

    nice place for holidays, alone with nature.
    House looks creepy with beautiful touch, très belle en fait !

  7. petrohof says:

    ‘Ivan’s children moved to Siberia.’ do you mean were moved? i doubt they had choice. sad this house needs very large amount of money to restore as it looks to be in poor condition.

  8. Sochi says:

    Great work in the detais. The ornaments, the glass…exquisite work!

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