21 Moscow 1963

Moscow 1963

Posted on August 13, 2012 by team

Some photographs taken in Moscow back in 1963.

Fidel Castro and Nikita Kruschev during the celebration of May, 1st.

Leaders portraits during the celebration

Head of the USA communist party Henry Winston

Marshal R. Malinovsky

Military parade

Holiday illumination

Fidel Castro in Bolshoi Theatre

Sports contest

Location: Moscow

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21 Responses to “Moscow 1963”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    J.St. corrupted Soviet communism from the low key idealism and practical policies of the post-revolutionary period (1918-28) to grand pageantry, cult of personality, and lofty, arrogant super-nationalistic (but ultimately empty) ritualisms. The above “shows” in the post-Stalin years in the U.S.S.R. are evidence of his influence over all the post-Second World War “communist” countries (and that continue in the P.R.C. and D.P.R.K. today).

    • JZ says:

      Communisn wasn’t a good idea from beginning… It was just an experement of world super rich elite to enforce such ideology on people that reduce their goods consuption requiriments to bare minimum and increase work time to maximum. Lenin just was their tool, when Stalin actually wasn’t

    • Winston says:

      Sorta like the Olympic 2012 opening show.

  2. Akskl says:

    Name at least one country with “non-corrupted” communism. LOL

    • m says:

      Isn’t possible. Communism at its most basic form, is nothing more then pure corruption in the guise of government.

    • jeffrey pigden says:

      Not a ‘country’, that is a European construct. The North American natives were closest to true communism. Everyone worked, everyone benefited or suffered, few chiefs with little privilege, skills and abilities were taught and shared, the essence of true communal living.

      • Just sayin' says:

        Except you wouldnt want to be female, as reported by first hand observers of most North American tribes. That’s not to claim girls and women have or had fair treatment in western cultures, just sayin’.

      • No Mame says:

        American Natives?

        Yes. And almost everybody was killed, too.

      • Marie says:


        North American natives may not have had ‘ownership’ of land as we know it today but they were faarrrrr from communist. People traded with each other for goods and traveled far to do so. Read some pre-Colombus history of native american tribes, thanks

  3. Theorist says:

    Corruption is essentially unequal distribution of wealth. In this sense Soviet Russia was certainly less corrupt overall than most western nations.

  4. reimon says:

    Ohh, I grew up watching my whole life this picture (that of fidel castro), and now unexpectedly once again. When thought that im had left behind. :S

    FIDEL try to chase me , he will haunt me forever!


  5. Chac Mool says:

    Back then, it was simply unthinkable that the USSR would simply dry up. This happens when a country overspends with no limit. A lesson that all empires forget.

  6. spiderplant says:

    Henry Winston: the pre-cursor to the NAACP, the ADL and Al Sharpton. He was a prototype “sacrifice” character.

  7. Akis says:

    Funny how is all the communism haters are passing their time in english russia…hmmm…
    btw great photos,great article

  8. sst says:

    Who is on the right (with the cigar) in the picture of Castro and Khrushchev clapping in Bolshoi theater?

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