2 On the Guard of The Coastal Border

On the Guard of The Coastal Border

Today we’ll tell you about some marine craft built by the Russian Federation for coastal defense. These are The Bora- and Samum-class hoverborne guided missile corvettes of the Russian Navy.

The Samum and Bora BM ships related to the ships of the Black Sea fleet are the most extreme and unique military ships. They are actually catamarans with a very wide deck. They are capable of moving faster than a launched torpedo.

This is military ship Samum 616. ‘Attention! Covers of the containers are opened automatically’.

The ship possesses such unique shipbuilding qualities as transformational ability of the hydrodynamic platform and numerous (36) variants of using propulsive systems.

Usage of the air-cushion BM ships in the Mediterranean Sea showed that ships of this size can embrace a limited number of weapons. A new catamaran has a larger deck which allows to solve the problem.

Ship Bora was the first air-cushion BM vessel produced in 1984, the Samum being the second ship of this kind manufactured in 1991. It is the largest military hovercraft unmatched anywhere in the world. With the displacement of 1000 tons, the craft has a cruising speed of 100 kilometers an hour. The hovercraft has 20 anti-aircraft missiles, an artillery complex, a machine-gun and an interference creating device. The hovercraft has an aluminum hull. Though it’s a light craft, its seaworthiness is very high.

After construction Samum was taken to the Black Sea and reached Sevastopol in March 1993. Then it was sent to a manufacturing factory again and later transferred to the Baltic Sea. Its official exploitation started in 26.02.2000.

It has two narrow girders with a platform of 64 m long and 18 m wide.

It is armed with two Mosquito canisters, etc.

The Mosquito canisters have 3M-80 missiles intended for destroying of ships. The missile is 10 m long. The flight range is 90 km. It is capable of hulling any ship and explodes inside.

AK-630 mm missile is intended for hitting air targets at the flight range of 4000 km.

The Samum is equipped with two PK-16 complexes. They set false radar targets.

“Dangerous zone”

Osa-MA is used to hit both the air targets and ships.

Two gas turbines ensure ship’s way. They can work both separately and together. Thus, the speed will be available in spite of any situation.

Radar system.

The navigating bridge. The ship is controlled from here.


Have a look at the opposite coast.

Engine telegraph.

Lower sections of ship consist of narrow corridors and numerous cables.

Postal department of the ship. ‘How to write addresses in the right way’

Crew’s accommodations.

Reservoir with drinking water.

The crew will be having supper soon.

Engine shop.

The engine unit contains two gas turbines.

And two diesel engines.

“Mind a hydraulic impact”

The total power of the engines exceeds 120 thousand h.p.

‘Mind a hydraulic impact! Dangerous to life!’

The speed of the ship is regulated from here.

The Samum during celebration of the Russian Fleet Day in 2012.

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