4 Hunters Of The Night

Hunters Of The Night

When some people hear the word ‘spider’, they go into hysterics, others even have arachnophobia. Spiders are present in the mythology of many peoples and treated as dangerous creatures which can possibly be explained by their habit to hide in dark places and come from nowhere. This year people are often bitten by spiders and specialists are very concerned about it. Today we’ll look at the smallest and dangerous predators closer.

This year doctors of Kazakhstan have already rendered aid to 30 people bitten by the black widow. Everyone was hospitalized with severe and moderate poisoning. Last year only 16 people reported the same from April to October.

The best medicine in this case is antikarakurt serum made at the Tashkent Bacteriological Institute but the Toxicology Center has no authorization to acquire it. They administer intravenous injections of Novocaine, calcium chloride and magnesium hydrogen sulfate. But the main thing is to make the right diagnosis in time.

The man was sitting in his garden next to Almaty and felt like something had scratched him on the leg. He did not pay attention to that. But soon sharp pain in the abdomen appeared and headache was developed. He had nausea too. He was taken to the hospital where it was diagnosed that the patient had been bitten by the black widow.

Spiders seldom bite people, many of them are not capable of cutting human skin. The majority of the species is not dangerous at all. Some of them can bite if they consider themselves in danger. Scientists suppose that the situation in Kazakhstan won’t be improved in future but will get worsened instead.

Such an epidemics occur every 10-15 years. People saw spiders in the center of the city. But what spiders can be considered dangerous?

By the word ‘spider’ we actually mean arthropodas including scorpions, camel spiders, etc.

Spiders eat only alive creatures. They capture their victim and poison it.

Several types of tarantulas inhabit Kazakhstan. It lives next to lakes and rivers. Its bite is painful but does not lead to death.

It lives in holes that are 30-40 cm deep and is sensitive to everything that happens on the surface.


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  1. vonrofiq says:

    Hunters of the night, Assemble!

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    Desert camping rules: Move carefully first thing in the morning; go slow and look carefully at everything; look in your shoes before putting them on. Watch your step…

  3. Andres Esteban says:

    Even better, keep your shoes inside a closed plastic bag at night to prevent spiders and scorpions to get inside your shoes. Same thing for your clothes.

  4. Richard S says:

    You do not want to get bitten by a recluse spider either…

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