16 Protecting the Skies For Almost a Hundred of Years

Protecting the Skies For Almost a Hundred of Years

Posted on August 10, 2012 by team

In the sky over Vladivostok planes can be often seen now. They train the safety flights for the upcoming APEC summit.

The 22nd guard fighter wing has a long history, it was founded in 1918. It flies by Su-27SM, Su-27SM2, Su-30, MiG-31.


Pre-flight briefing

Models of aircrafts are necessary for showing flight elements.

There is a combat fighter simulator of SU-27 in this room.

Simulator flight fully resembles a real one.


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16 Responses to “Protecting the Skies For Almost a Hundred of Years”

  1. The SU-27 is basically a F-15 clone, yes? What happens when it goes up against an Euro fighter Typhoon, F-22, or an F-35?

    • www says:

      ha ha no its f-15 clone

    • vorontsevich says:


      In what way is the Su-27 a F-15 clone? They may appear similar but the Su-27 is a different design, and in many ways is actually superior to the F-15.

      If the Su-27 went up against a Typhoon, it would boil down to the pilots. A Su-27 is not likely to go up against a F-22 or F-35.

    • JZ says:

      You are comparing different generations of fighter jets… a matching opponent to f-22 should be su-37 and pak-fa

    • alessio says:

      the F15 is a copy of a foxbat stolen by a russian pilot who flew to Japan. (so your statement isn’t right
      F35 not flyworthy let alone combat ready, anyway it is a disaster in avionics, said by european experts BTW
      European politicians bought it to keep the americas as friends.
      F22 is not combat ready and it is a flop, that’s why more were cancelled.

      Eurofighteris an excellent interceptor and air dominance fighter, but lacks the capability to attack ground forces

      • jorss says:

        lol, and Mig-25 Foxbat was a copy of in 50’s designed A-5 Vigilante.

      • Tovarich Volk says:

        Wrong, the F-15 was designed in response to what the USAF thought the MIG-25 was, as well as an answer to the combat conditions that the US had against MIG’s in Korea and Vietnam, where we found MIG’s to be small, highly maneuverable planes.

        When Belenko defected in 1976, We finally got to see what the MIG 25 was, namely a high speed, straight line interceptor. The Su-27 was developed around the same time as the F-15, and it is obviously not a copy, but shares many of the same design philosphies, as well as some from the F-14, albeit improved. Form generally follows function.

    • No Mame says:


      The Su-30 MKI, and upgraded version of the Su-27, with India, beated both the RAF’s Typhoon (Indra Danush 07)and the F15-C (Cope-India 04). In this one the Sukhois beated 90% of missions against F15-C Pilots. You can check both exercises.

    • No Mame says:

      …And the extra-expensive F-22 spends most of its time in “maintenance” (reparations). No more are coming.

      The F-35 is the rival of the Sukhoi-(PAK FA) T-50.

  2. Nebukadnezar says:

    first, its not a clone of any sort, its a much more capable fighter than the f15.
    its more maneuvrable and has a greater payload.
    the overall layout is different as are the controls.
    so if you want to camper lets say the first batch of the su27 against a typhoon or any 4,5 or 5th gen fighter , its propably going to lose, just like first batch f15.
    however i wouldnt be so sure about lets say a su35 with thurst vectoring against those kinds.

    and about the f35…you will soon realize that that thing is hyped as shit as you already have customers considering cancelling the contracts with that shit piece as it is: to slow, to sluggish, has to low payload when in “stealth” mode, and no range whatsoever.

    well there you go man. oh and did you read about that awesome oxigensupply on the awesomeraptor? yeah that stuff that fails and lets the pilot “fall asleep”

  3. barbarian111 says:

    nope, very poor compare. F-15 and Su-27 have influenced each other, but it’s completely different machines, with own advantages and disadvantages

  4. MOTH says:

    f 15 is a copy of mig 25 that it was suppose to battle, but USA went further and made a better plane than mig 25. However f15 is stilla traditional boxy design while su-27 is a completely new flying wing type of thing. SU 27 is the most sophisticated airfoil in the world. I donno about electronics, but the design of su-27 is from God himeslf. F-22 has better avionics but so is AWACS and other planes. They are FLYING PLATFORMS, not sophisticated airfoils

  5. p51d007 says:

    F-15 is a clone of a Foxbat? LOL…good one!
    The F-15 was designed after “hearing” of a Mach2+ fighter the soviets were working on, to counter what the soviets heard was a Mach 2+ bomber, the XB-70 Valkyrie. All McDonnell-Douglas knew was it was going to have to be superior to what they were building (it wasn’t til after one defected to Japan in 76, that the west found out was a piece of junk the 25 was…it was nothing more than a pair of HUGE engines). The F-15 has not been shot down in air to air combat ever. The F-15 can still run rings around most other aircraft. Now that the F-22 oxygen problem has been solved, what few that have been produced, will be on front line service. They have put an experienced F-15 pilot, with the basics of the F-22 in one, and put him up against experienced F-22 pilots in F-15’s in 1v1, 2v1 and more engagements, and the 22’s “blew away” the 15’s before they even knew they were there.
    The problem with the soviets aircraft is they still apply the command and control theory where they are told what to do from a command center, and don’t think for themselves.
    If I were the soviets (yes I still call them that because their ruler & military still think that way) should be more worried about China than the west.

    • vorontsevich says:

      Good thing you are not a “soviet” as you call us. It’s actually the West, via the NATO “missile shield”, that is the biggest (potential) threat to Russia. China, despite the immigration issues and all the unlicensed production of Russian weapons, is still on far better terms with Russia than most of “the West”.

      “The problem with the soviets aircraft is they still apply the command and control theory where they are told what to do from a command center, and don’t think for themselves.”

      Where on earth did you get that? Just because commanders give orders, from the ground or an AWACS plane, doesn’t mean the pilots don’t think for themselves. A Mig-31 flight might get orders to intercept something. They are given the necessary information and any rules of engagement, but it’s the flight leader and the pilots that decide how to carry out the order. In no way does that mean that they are spoon-fed exactly what to do.

      “yes I still call them that because their ruler & military still think that way”

      Another idiotic statement. Sure many things about the Russian and Soviet military’s are similar (no surprises seeing as the current Russian military was inherited from the old Soviet one), but to say that they think the same way is BS.

  6. SSSR says:

    And now we are in the 21st century,stealth jets and unmanned drones,and 3 giant countries trying to keep up with each other!

  7. you don't say? says:

    ^^^^^^^ Buncha armchair fighter pilots/ aeronautic engingeers

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