20 London Villas Bought By The Russian Rich

London Villas Bought By The Russian Rich

Alisher Usmanov bought Beechwood House in the northern part of London in 2008 for 50 million Euro. The former building owner was an emir from Qatar.

The six-storey 50 million Euro home in Belgravia is owned by Oleg Deripaska.

Leonard Blavatnik bought a villa next to the one that belongs to Abramovich and paid 41 million Euro for it.


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20 Responses to “London Villas Bought By The Russian Rich”

  1. Bells From The Deep says:

    But what disgusting faces these puffed-up little scammers have.

  2. Steve says:

    Whoa! Hard work really pays off!

  3. Osip says:

    Oleg Deripaska: 50 million Euro home, 5 Euro wrist watch.

    • Sochi says:

      That is their way of showing “understatement” :) … like “look, I´m so rich that I don´t even need an expensive watch to prove it, because everybody knows that I am an oligarch” …

  4. JZ says:

    They stole as much as they could from people in 90s and 00s and now going insane from such wealth, buying 90 room mansions… what kind of normal human needs 90 rooms for? Dumb insatiable animals…

  5. gloubiboulgah says:

    more foreigners in London being ripped off for a postcode. don’t believe the hype. they got ripped off.

  6. Stan says:

    Whale, whale, whale… Mafia, KGB agents, ex party members – Elite of the society? Nope, bunch of simple thieves who made theirs businesses when communism “fell”…

  7. Peterus says:

    Most of these people should be in prison and not in their London houses

  8. Bogdan the Polssie says:

    Still it pales in comparison to Putin’s ONE BILION dollar palace being build in Crimea.

  9. OLUT says:

    I think the red-haired man is wearing a wig.

  10. leave a reply says:

    yes, they are all criminals

    the post is about LONDON VILLAS and then you post huge pictures of the owners and SMALL pictures of the villas. Should be the other way around. remember for next time

  11. Random Chaos says:


  12. thankgodolympicsover says:

    what’s disgusting is that the British government let them set up shop after minimalistic money laundering. Basically if you are foreign criminal then London is the place to go. Mind you I don’t think the albanians have these funds when they set up a brothel…

  13. Sochi says:

    In Russian you call these people “bydlo”…people with no culture and no taste. They try to be refined british gentlemen but they are still common post-communist criminals and will always be seen as that. Nobody will ever respect them, but everybody is after their money. The only problem is that they are transferring so moch money out of the country that would be needed over there.

  14. DAA says:

    Wanna see Putin’s houses!

  15. Nobody says:

    Thanks to perestroika and the wonder of capitalism, every Russian and Eastern European at last has a chance to get a house like this with hard work and a can-do attitude. Get moving, comrades.

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