11 Probably The Biggest Apple Collection In Russia

Probably The Biggest Apple Collection In Russia

Posted on August 9, 2012 by team

This might be the biggest Apple collection outside the USA…

Apple II 1977. Processor 1 MHz, main memory 4 Kb, ОС Apple DOS. The system was downloaded from a cassette-recorder. Earlier was Apple I, but its a thing that can hardly be found today…

A bit more developed model


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11 Responses to “Probably The Biggest Apple Collection In Russia”

  1. jac says:

    No, they should be all trashed as a symbol of vanity above utility.

  2. 山下智久 says:

    samsung readies galaxy note 2 for aug. 29 launch!

  3. Maddcowe says:

    Museum of reverse engineering? Lol

  4. America Says says:

    Good grief! I had forgotten how butt ugly Apple products used to be.

  5. René says:

    I wouldn’t be proud of owning and showing such collection.

  6. Todd Dixon says:

    Fantastic! Well done. So many memories. I remember using selling or fixing almost every single device listed here. I am envious!

  7. OLUT says:

    The vertical monitors! They were the best… we had one that rotated, so you could use it horizontal or vertical. Fantastic for doing page layout.

    I always wanted a bubble-butt iMac, but the only iMac I’ve ever owned is the original style like that green one pictured. The commercial for the bubble-butt was great: A guy walked past a shop window and the iMac started copying his moves. The guy started making deliberate moves and the iMac would mirror them. Really fun.

    • OLUT says:

      Hey, I just realized they’re running OSX on that green 233mhz iMac. How the heck??? I had the 266 version and when I put OSX on it, it ran so slow it was unusable. So it’s back to OS9. I still use it sometimes; apart from the internal battery needing a replacement, and the annoying “green light of death” they all had, it works perfectly.

  8. SSSR says:

    Thinking back to the 80’s…um…first you put in the boot disk and lock it in and start the computer and then you would need to type in the boot command that was something like c/:,….

  9. Durosity says:

    Wow.. Over the years i’ve had so many of these machines, but never all in one place at one time.. he needs to use Retr0Brite on some of them though!

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